VIDEO PREMIERE: Jennifer Touch - 'Sacred Type' 1

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jennifer Touch – ‘Sacred Type’

Ahead of her second album with Fat Cat Recordings, Berlin electronica artist, Jennifer Touch, has released the video for the single ‘Sacred Type’, which she released last week. This is the third single she has released on the run-up to her album, Midnight Proposals, coming on the 18th February 2023.

‘Sacred Type’ combines the upbeat jockeying of electronica big beats with the gloomy synths of the 1980s, creating a track that is complimentary to an industrial soundscape. Regarding ‘Sacred Type’, Jennifer Touch says:

“Sometimes people come into your life with a handful of big promises you never asked for, and before you know it you’re under a spall. I’ve met lots of these people and they are vampires to your energy. When I sing “I’ll keep burning underwater” I’m referring to the inner strength required to deal with a narcissist’s seemingly endless power. When it’s all over you are here left with a spiritual and sacred sense of your own sensitive energy”

This feeling of betrayal and manic inner strength is reflected in the ‘Sacred Type’ music video. Clips fade in and out, as chaos ensues of Touch meandering around streets, confronting herself in the mirror, losing control of her body, and constantly watching cars go by, a reminder of this person coming into her life and leaving without a trace.

While her autobiographical debut album with Fat Cat Recordings, Behind The Wall, took years to write, Touch finished writing Midnight Proposals after just four months. Touch comments on how there is a spontaneous and experimental nature to this album: “I didn’t know what was going to happen, I just said to the universe: hey, I’m here and I’m your vessel. It was like a trip or something and I really don’t remember the process, but I love every song on it.”

Touch here promises an intriguing and intimate listen, as she also describes Midnight Proposals as Post-Wave-Cold-Pop-Acid-Romance. Her press release comments how Jennifer Touch feels free“the shackles of adolescence, and places her amongst dark wave electronica’s elite, rubbing sonic shoulders with PJ Harvey, Tempers and Depeche Mode.”

Touch reveals how she was reading ‘Grapes of Wrath’ by John Steinbeck when she began working on Midnight Proposals:

“The whole settlers movement touched me, and I really felt like a cowboy whilst writing and recording these songs,”

“These are my dark proposals to the world, so come and join me around the fire!”

Pre-order Midnight Proposals, here.

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