INTRODUCING:  Shelf Lives on new single 'All The Problems' 2
Credit: Derek Bremner

INTRODUCING: Shelf Lives on new single ‘All The Problems’

Electro punk duo Shelf Lives created quite a stir supporting Panic Shack on their recent tour. Vocalist Sabrina Di Giulio and guitarist/producer Jonny Hillyard originate from Toronto, Canada and Northampton in the UK respectively, although they now both reside in South London.  With the release of the new single ‘All The Problems‘ I learnt more about the duo that the NME described as: “the extroverted electro-punk duo we need right now”

As way of introduction could you share how Shelf Lives came together as a band?
We despised each other so we figured the best way to ruin each other’s lives was to start a band and constantly be around annoying one another 🙂 and/or Jonny, who is a composer/producer for sync got a brief one day that he thought Sabrina would sound great on. Three tracks later, essentially a more TV friendly version of what Shelf Lives is now came to fruition. We had fun and the tracks were bangers…. so we made more, with swear words. Believe whichever story speaks to you most 🙂

Last year’s mini album Yes, offence was at absolutely glorious high-octane ride. Do you find song-writing and performing a cathartic experience?
I think we both agree that it really depends on the track but for the most part performing tends to be a more cathartic experience in general. This is most likely because of the pure energy being bounced around from the crowd to the instruments to the sound. It’s a vibe. 

How do you work together creatively to produce your songs?
To put it mathematically… drum machine loop + guitar riffs + melody scat x lyrics = track. Or not… depends on the song to be honest. Sometimes inspiration strikes around a subject matter and the sound of the character evokes a melody or beat.  We work together mostly on the lyrics. 

You’ve got a new EP coming out later this year via Modern Sky. What can we expect, and does it follow themes and inspirations from Yes, offence?
Never have expectations. You’ll always be disappointed 😉 We do our best to express ourselves authentically at the time that it happens so you’re sure to get some new flavours. 

Your schedule is looking stacked for 2023. Any standouts that you’re particularly looking forward to?
Glastonbury again, Shambala. Waves Vienna b/c we’ve never been. Best to just buy tickets to all of our shows because you never know which one we’re going to look forward to the most and try the hardest at. Ha!

I have to ask about supporting Skunk Anansie on their UK and European dates. Have you been able to process that yet? How was it stepping out onto those big stages so early in Shelf Lives’ existence?
Not sure it’ll ever be truly processed. We still feel pretty lucky to have been able to experience that so early. We definitely felt the jumping/ getting pushed off a cliff energy but it made us better at performing, real quick. We learned so much. It’s inexpressible, I guess you had to be there 😛   

If I looked in your fridge right now what would I find?
Homemade Italian tomato sauce – Nonna’s recipe 
Ginger Ale – underrated mixer 


APR 26 33 Oldham Street, Manchester
APR 28  Liverpool Sound City
APR 29 Stag & Dagger Festival, Edinburgh
APR 30 Stag & Dagger Festival, Glasgow
MAY 5  FOCUS Wales Festival
MAY 6 Are You Listening? Festival
MAY 9 Old Blue Last, London
MAY 11 The Great Escape Festival
MAY 19 London Calling (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
MAY 20 PLAY Festival (Eersel, Netherlands)
JUNE 22, Glastonbury Festival
JUNE 24 Glastonbury Festival
JULY 22 Leopallooza Festival
AUG 5 A Stone’s Throw Festival
AUG 12 Hummer Street Sesh Festival
SEP 2 The Roundhouse, London – TiffCuff Festival
SEP 7 Waves Vienna Festival (Vienna, Austria)
SEP 9 Chaplins, Bournemouth
OCT 21-22 Sŵn Festival

For more information on Shelf Lives please check out their facebook and website.

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