Track by Track: Sock - Sock

Track by Track: Sock – Sock

Formed in Cardiff, Sock make shimmering, alternative rock laced with harmonies, influenced by the psychedelic era for fans of early Teenage Fanclub. They recently released their new self-titled album on Bubble Wrap Collective. Known for their creative melodic arrangements and blending of genres, the band describe their music as “a rather progressive affair”

Following on from the band’s debut album Fresh Bits, in 2018, their much anticipated self-titled follow-up is out this April. The album features Jacob on rhythm guitar & vocals, Billy on lead guitar, Sam on bass & keys, and Simon on drums & percussion.

Produced by the band, the album was recorded during the pandemic and sees the music move into a heavier and more refined sound. We caught up with the band who talked us through their new record track by track.

With You – Nice intro tune to the album. It describes wanting to get away with someone special.

Accidentally High – Open to interpretation really, it could be someone or something.

Change Your Mind – Reflective lockdown tune, wondering if people think about what they actually want or if they’re just going along with what other people think they should do.

Gone Are The Days – Another reflective lockdown tune. Pretty self-explanatory from the track name. Looking backwards and thinking about how different things were then compared to now.Not really linked to lockdown but just how things can change over time.

Quick & Slow – Another reflective tune from lockdown (it’s the last one, I think). It’s a similar thought process from gone are the days but more about time itself. When you’re in the midst of something, it can feel like forever, and sometimes like no time has passed at all. Sometimes it can be both together.

Interlude – A nice place for it, we all really enjoyed making this. It’s nice that it can just take you away for a brief moment.

Pick & Choose“Some times it’s hard to pick or choose” pretty much says it all. One of the songs on this album that’s been kicking around the longest, has changed quite a bit over time.

Tango – Another song that’s been kicking about for a while and had gone through a couple of different styles before settling on this version. It’s about how sometimes if you think someone else is the problem, but maybe you should take a look at yourself as well. It takes two to tango.

Don’t Bring Me Down – Just a bit tired of getting dragged into other people’s mess. The outro wasn’t as long until we went to the studio and jammed it out, it’s nice to have time to come back down.

Waiting – Waiting for something that very rarely comes around. This is another tune that went through a couple of different versions before settling on this idea. The big ending was jammed as a joke before recording but we realised quickly that is sounded great!

Track by Track: Sock - Sock

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