Megan Nic Ruairi Made Of Sin

NEWS:  Megan Nic Ruairí releases captivating new single ‘Twenty Two’

 Megan Nic Ruairí releases her exquisite and haunting new single ‘Twenty Two’ today, scheduled for release on November 22nd. The release comes as Megan was just announced as an act at this year’s Other Voices festival with the exciting announcement that Megan will release her debut solo EP Made Of Sin’ on January 19th 2024. Megan will perform at this year’s Other Voices Dingle Distillery Music Trail, Dec 1st – 3rd.

 Following the success of her previous release, ‘The Woods’, Nic Ruairi captivates on ‘Twenty Two’ paints an initiate portrait of discovering and romanticising a partner, holding on to the hope of them becoming the idealised image in our minds. With a voice of delicate emotive power swooping from smoky to evocatively stunning, weaving her blend of Irish traditional and contemporary sounds, with her romanticized love stories with themes of self-exploration. Sighing vocals drape over a forgiving piano motif and mournful strings, it’s a gorgeous moment that captures you in its rises and fall. As she unfurls a devastating note like the petals of blossoming flower: ripe with longing, capturing moments of slow motion heartbreak, it’s comparable with the likes of Cat Power. As she explores the naivety of young love and the enduring impact it can have on one’s heart, even in the absence of concrete commitment. Nic Ruairi is clearly a talent to be reckoned with.

Nic Ruairí says “The EP is a journey, bookended by two cinematic pieces and centred by a lover’s lament. My love for the song ‘The Whole of the Moon’ is very well known and it felt special to record my own version of it, with Mike Scott’s blessing.  ‘See you Better’ is for my mama. I tried to understand her better while she battled cancer but as the song developed it manifested into me wanting to be a better person for the people I love. She’s a tough woman and I’m so grateful for the person she’s helped me become. ‘Made of Sin’ is about not being able to understand why some of the people that work their way into our lives can treat us so terribly and how I was able to find the strength to heal from that. My love songs are about everyone and no one and some of my stories are about nothing yet everything but I love telling these stories and allowing the melodies to work hand in hand with the piano.  It’s also incredibly important to me that these tales be told in their own unique way. It’s my diary, a place to hold my memories. 

This EP may have taken a few years but this is exactly when it needed to be released. All tracks were recorded three years ago but I believe that I needed to grow as a woman to understand the type of artist I wanted to be and to give the space for these pieces to turn into the body of work that I am very proud to be releasing. 

I’m not scared of the spectrum I possess as a writer. I can be delicate but I can be bold and I’ll never be afraid to show it all. I’ve never wanted to be pigeon holed and constantly feel the need to expand and explore what makes me a musician. This EP is only the beginning of that.” 

Megan Nic Ruairí’s musical journey has been deeply influenced by her Irish heritage, a connection that shines through in her love for the Irish language and poetry, showcased as a member of family band Clann Mhic Ruairí. Her upbringing in Donegal, coupled with her experiences in London and Nottingham, England as well as her participation in the Dublin-based alternative rock ensemble, BIG LOVE has shaped her distinctive musical style. Her inaugural release, Can’t Trust the Moon, in 2020, served as a foundation for her journey of musical discovery and development.

Reflecting on the release of ‘Twenty Two,’ Megan shares, “I wanted the music to feel as soft and romantic as possible, like a late night slow dance over wine. This song is about those intimate moments of discovery and the lingering presence of young love..

Megan Nic Ruairi Made Of Sin

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