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Steven Doherty: Tracks of the Year 2023

So, that was 2023. Not one of the greats, but when was the last time there was a good one?

Taking the golden nuggets of joy from the endless mounds of dung, for every Tory government disaster, there was a Eurovision in my home city, for every tale of horror, there was a joyous gig to attend.

And so much good music, the best of which is below, and so much of it coming from albums due out next year, hopefully we’ll be talking about 2024 as one of the classics.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

10: Loose Articles – Sinead Loves Bitcoin

A lovely old-skool thrashy pop tale telling a modern fable about the dangers of crypto, very reminiscent of the early Panic Shack singles. They’re got such a great 2024 to look forward to, their debut album is to be released and a massive support slot with the Foo Fighters in sunny Manchester.

9: Soft Play – Punk’s Dead

The return of the artists formerly known as Slaves. A self aware corker, ridiculing the people who are stuck in their ways musically and cannot accept any sort of change, delightful to see them back.

8: Meryl Streek – If This Is Life

One of the breakout artists of the year with the word-of-mouth grower album 762, the very same word-of mouth will intensify about his dark live show into the new year when he’s back on tour, this single is a rare shard of light in the misery, and maybe next year’s material may go further in this direction.

7: Deadletter – The Snitching Hour

Top of the list of this years success stories as new bands go and it’s easy to see and hear why. They’ve such an interesting dynamic both live and on record and this is the best example, an intelligent stomper that you can also dance to.

6: Benefits – Warhorse

From one of the albums of the year, an avalanche of noise, one of the few bands sticking their heads above the parapet of life in the U.K. and trying to spread the word as to just how bad this country is in 2023. What the country needs right now.

5: Hot Wax – Rip It Out

The stand out track from both their debut EP and their stunning live show, managing to be brooding and catchy, looking forward to their rapid descent in 2024.

4: Coach Party – What’s The Point In Life

The opener to the fantastic debut album released this year Killjoy, a short sharp shock extolling the virtues of ‘why bother’, perfectly encapsulating the humdrum existence.

3: IDLES – Dancer

They’re back and, thank the Lord, they are still ace. Poppier (if you could ever describe them as that) than when they left us on Crawler, the new Tangk record that’s out in February is said to be the best of their career, which is a pretty high bar to set, eagerly awaited doesn’t quite cover it.

2: Red Rum Club – Black Cat/Godless

I know it’s cheating but I genuinely couldn’t split the two singles, both tremendous, and a return to the self-proclaimed ‘Scouse Americana’ of their debut, after a more radio friendly last couple of records. The forthcoming fourth album Western Approaches will be the one that deservedly sends them stratospheric.

1: Blur – The Narcissist

It could not be anything else, The musical highlight of the year was the joyous (kinda) reformation of Blur with their now normal routine of tiny warm up gigs, big massive gigs and an album that no one was expecting. I first listened to this whilst holding my breath, praying they hadn’t gone bad, but thankfully this fits seamlessly in with their seminal back catalogue.


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