The Sex Organs – We’re Fucked (Voodoo Rhythm Records)

It’s easy to think you’ve seen it all before sometimes, especially with the ever-raging cycle of stupidity in the name of creativity that the internet manages to breed at an exhausting rate. But sometimes, in the midst of a painfully serious industry, you can find an oddity so weird and wonderful (perhaps more weird than wonderful, actually) that you actually need to do a double take, rub your eyes, and pinch yourself to make sure what you’ve just read and heard was actually correct, and then that oddity appears right in front of you. In this case, in the form of The Sex Organs.

Their presence on this world isn’t a new one, having previously released “Intergalactic Sex Tourists” back in 2017. The duo, comprised of Bone on guitar and vocals, and Jackie on drums and vocals can be seen on the album cover, decorated in their signature matching genital costumes. If you think that we’ve already reached the peak absurdity, then it’s probably best that you buckle in, because it’s about to get even weirder…

If the album is a race to see just how fast it can get labelled bizarre, then opening track “Let’s Fuck Around” bolts right out of the gate. The track itself is nothing short of rudimentary, which also goes for much of the album, but it’s the allure of the inherently crude and unsophisticated lyrical content that keeps you enthralled. The prancing “Hair In My Mouth” follows an incredibly similar formula, a rough-cut instrumental laden with eyebrow-raising sex-related lyrical content.

As the album progresses, it’s easy to feel like your grip to the material world as we know it slips slightly, which is considerably apt for a band consisting of two space aliens then. Whether it’s the baffling “Where Is My Dildo?”, or the dumbfounding “Vagina Dentata” (don’t search that), the band’s commitment to delivering such an upfront commentary on the varying aspects of sexual intercourse is so unwavering that by the time you reach “Nipple Twister” (which contains arguably my favourite lyrics in the album: “The nipple twister is back in town, he’s going to squeeze all the nipples around“), it almost seems normal.

But, the likelihood is that your perception of normality will be slightly askew at this point, however, and even that won’t prepare you for the rowdy lustfulness of “Fuck All The Time”, which really doesn’t need any further elaboration, it’s fairly self explanatory. “Oxytocin” is genuinely enjoyable, especially with the harmonies in the closing portion of the song, but is shoved aside with the arrival of the riotous “Underpants“, a song in protest of, you guessed it, underpants.

By the time the self-titled closing track rolls around, I’m unsure whether or not I want it to actually end. On one hand, the album is such musical marmite that there’s an incredibly good chance that it won’t land well, at all, with anyone. However, I do think that you have to applaud the duo’s incredibly large cojones for being able to produce something so brash, intrusive, and open, no matter how weird it comes across. Ultimately, this album isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely not for me. But who knows, maybe this strange, sexual album from distant lands will take your fancy.


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