Alien Airforce

Alien Airforce – Give Pigeons The Right Of Way (Easy Action)

If we assessed albums by their titles alone, Give Pigeons The Right Of Way would be a clear winner at the end of year polls. They’re not though, of course, so Alien Airforce will have to put up with me summising that it is a pretty good record, with the occasional moment of genius.

It is the first solo album from Crispin Gray, perhaps best known from Daisy Chainsaw (who doesn’t remember the deliciously noisy top 40 hit ‘Love Your Money‘?) and Queenadreena.

Co-written with his wife, Sofia Martins Gray (aka Starsha Lee), the entire thing was performed by Gray himself. ‘Good Luck World (I Think You’re Going To Need It)‘ signals Gray’s intent from the off. It’s a quite explosive number with a female vocal very much in keeping with those previously mentioned bands, before those almost thrash metal style guitars burst in on one of the standout tracks, ‘Back In The Knife‘, Crispin taking charge of the mic himself this time around.

A one trick pony Crispin Gray is not, and that’s reflected on the slow and breathy ‘Used To The Bruise‘, which, somewhat surprisingly, has more in common with the trip-hop of Massive Attack, Portishead et al, than any of the hard rock hallelujahs with which he made his name (forgive me, I mean, it’s Eurovision weekend, so why wouldn’t I stick a shocking pun in here somewhere?).

Give Pigeons The Right Of Way in undoubtedly an enjoyable listen, though sometimes it gets a bit too ‘punk pop’ for my liking, such as ‘You Won’t Get Your Paradise‘, which is fine. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I feel like those heavy, brooding numbers (such as ‘Not My World‘, which follows it, and erupts in your face before going all Pink Floyd on us towards the end) suit Gray better.

I Am Not Her‘ appeals to me the most here, however, as it kind of feels like Matt Bellamy‘s been tied to a chair and made to play guitar in someone’s basement (yes, I’m aware how badly that contradicts itself but it’s what came into my head) while his slightly deranged captor circles him spitting the lyrics at him. Maybe that could be the video? Yeah maybe not.

I’m not sure Give Pigeons The Right Of Way is likely to trouble my end of year list, but it’s undoubtedly a fun album, so neither will it be one I just toss into the corner of the room and forget all about either. It’s got a fair bit of life left on my car stereo yet, but it’s kind of a “one I play in between my favourites.” Decent, and worthy of your time at least.


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