The Indelicates reveal third album


Literate Bright based pop act The Indelicates have announced details of their third album “David Koresh Superstar” Released May 16th, 2011.

A year ago, The Indelicates – having successfully begged to be dropped from their label – released their sophomore album Songs For Swinging Lovers on Corporate Records, the online record company that they started and which anyone can sign themselves to if they feel like it. They sold 5,000 downloads from the site, a whole bunch of CDs and LPs and quite a few £300 Super Special Limited Editions of One whereby they travelled to people’s houses, performed the album for them, recorded the performance and signed contracts transferring them the rights in the recording.

As a result, they not only solidified their reputation as one of the most innovative and exciting bands in the UK but they made more than enough money to record and release the follow up: David Koresh Superstar, a dazzlingly ambitious concept album that they’re so smug about their faces hurt.

Telling the multifaceted story of the Waco Siege with a full complement of pedal steel guitars, musical saws and percussive guns in a bitter cocktail of rebel country, luau, disco and rock opera. With a cast that includes Carter USM’s Jim Bob, David Devant and his Spirit Wife’s Vessel, Philip Jeays, Lily Rae and a full greek chorus of strapping Camdenite youth, the record delves into the murky, abusive world of religious extremism, government excess, bad sex and insane logic; rewriting the greatest story ever told on the
assumption that the persecuted messiah is definitively mistaken about his divinity.

The album was recorded over two sessions in London’s Bark Studio with Producer Brian O’Shaugnessy (Screamadelica) and Austin, TX’s Ramble Creek Studio with Britton Beisenherz – the latter (greatly aided by executive producer Joie Mikitson and musician Todd Pertll) allowing Simon and Julia the opportunity to visit the Waco site and to inject a bit of genuine Texas into the recording.

Unexpected, disarming and compelling, David Koresh Superstar is the kind of record that could only surface from the fringes of a collapsing mainstream. Songs For Swinging Lovers proved that you could have cult success entirely outside of the Record Industry. This album is good enough to prove that you can have a genuine hit.

The joint project of Simon and Julia Indelicate, The Indelicates formed in Brighton in 2005 – with Simon’s lead guitar and Julia’s piano backed by Ed Van Beinum’s Drums, Kate Newberry’s Bass and Al Clayton’s Rhythm Guitar. Their floating line up was joined after 2009 by bassist Lawrence Owen, guitarist/backing vocalist Lily Rae, guitarist Keith Top of The Pops and drummer Neil Rocks; they are currently rehearsing for Jeff Wayne style performances of the new album. They have played and been released all over the world, headlining the second stage at Austria’s frequency festival, supporting Art Brut in Germany, Amanda Palmer in Scotland and The Vaselines in New York; as well as touring extensively in Europe and the UK. They have been public in their support for digital rights – despite the bleating of the music industry – even to the point of addressing an all party political group in Committee Room 6 of the House of Commons in February. Largely so as to avoid ever having to be described as a ‘Brighton Band’, Simon and Julia moved to Lewes several years ago.

UK TOUR: Dates In May/ June

USA TOUR: August/ September

DE TOUR: October/ November

David Koresh Superstar Preview Track by simonindelicate

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