Singles Round-Up 16/05/11

By Sian Lower


Ciao lettori GIITTV e willkommen a otro weekly singles round-up!

The reason for my multi-lingual introduction is a direct result of listening to Vadoinmessico – the part Italian, part English, part Austrian and part Mexican folk band who have released their latest single Curling up your Spine this week.

The single is a sort of melancholy, pop-folk sound, which clearly draws on aspects from each member’s home countries. The song is very simple European-folk music, but also manages to incorporate 3 different percussions and an almost Mediterranean guitar. The vocals somehow support the instruments which is odd – a very mellow sound that’s perfect for those hazy summer days we’re all hoping are on the way.

London trio Phantom Mountain also released their debut single this week. Ghost Eyes begins and ends with slow, Eastern-inspired vocals and notes – one of those intros that get you interested. Then the grimy bass kicks in too and the track becomes hip-hop and indie at the same time. Vocals are reminiscent of Muse’s Matt Bellamy with a chorus so simple and catchy you’ll hum it all day. The video is cleverly choreographed and includes 3 hooded dancers cutting some pretty strange shapes.

Originally from the UK and now living in Berlin, Jim Kroft released his debut album in July 2010 and then seemed to disappear. Now he’s back with upcoming album ‘The Hermit and the Hedonist’, due for release in September this year. May 16th saw the release of his new single The Jailer – a terribly catchy track with guitar riffs and twangs and drum beats that I challenge anyone not to tap their feet to. His vocals are sort of unexpected – soft yet strong against the strong beat – providing an 80’s feel to the sound.

Many of you will be familiar with rock band Eleven (‘Monster’, ‘Reach Out’) , its members including Alain Johannes and his wife Natasha Shneider. Johannes recently released his debut solo album dedicated to his late wife after she died of cancer in 2008, and new single Return to You is released this week. His is a very different sound from what Eleven fans will be used to, which makes it all the more poignant. Despite the background to the song it is very upbeat and mellow, allowing Johannes guitar and vocals to speak for themselves.

South-London indie four-piece The Savage Nomads released the first single The Magic Eye from their debut album ‘Coloured Clutter’ this week on Alaska Sounds. Their sound is ‘alternative rock/post-punk pop’ and their quiet (and fairly long) guitar intro sucks you in. The vocals from Cole Salowicz have a very British punk tone and military drum solos only enhance this feel. The video’s a little odd but if anything it just makes the single more interesting, as backing vocals culminate with crashing cymbals until the end. One of my favourites this week.

I never thought I’d say this, but Noah and the Whale’s latest offering Tonight’s the Kind of Night reminds me intensely of Deacon Blue’s Dignity – a huge fault in my eyes as I enjoyed their last release (L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N) so much. It’s the second release from their third album ‘Last Night on Earth’, and though it has their familiar lead and backing vocals, the overall sound feels very different.

Normally associated with the East London rave scene, Charli XCX and her haunting voice have never been more impeccably displayed than in new single Stay Away. It is a more indie/gothic sound than is normally provided by the 18 year old and it showcases her musical talent flawlessly, with yet another 80’s feel. My joint contender for favourite single of the week alongside The Savage Nomads. Keep an eye out.

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