Track Of The Day #16: Graham Coxon – What It’ll Take

Graham Coxon Approved


The Brit Awards epitomise all that I loathe about the music industry so I don’t watch it, therefore today’s introduction is merely hearsay (what a dreadful band theywere!).  My understanding is that both Coldplay and a rejuvenated Blur gave sterling live performances, whilst Damon Albarn made a tit of himself again, with a long winded speech that resulted in poor Adele being cut short.  Ah well, at least she had more time for another curry! Blur sold very little copy across the pond in the US and so it isunlikely that the Yanks will be quaking in their shoes over the possibility ofthe band reforming but, boy will they be concerned about the impact One Direction and Ollie Murs might have! Blur then are kind of reforming, with a Hyde Park gig planned for end ofthe Olympics, let’s hope they don’t feel compelled to record another album.  Albarn has manifested himself in a number ofother bands since Blur split of course, most of which have been reasonably good.


Graham Coxon has pursued a semi-successful solo career, Alex James is selling cheese and the other one has improved his Free Cell win percentage to 84%. I’m sticking with Coxon today and gifting you a track from hisforthcoming new album “A+E”.  It’s quite experimental in places, but does showcase the guy as being perhaps the mostskilled member of Blur.  The attachedtrack would have sat nicely on either of the band’s first two albums, so ifthat was the Blur you liked, then you will also like this track.  If you don’t like Blur at all, or are American, ignore this.

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