Lovechilde - Tourniquet

Lovechilde – Tourniquet


I don’t know anything about Lovechilde. They are an absolute mystery to me. Extensive efforts of internet trawling leads to minor discoveries with the exception of the video for forthcoming single ‘Tourniquet’.

The song starts with some looping electronic sounds and thick synthesis and you start to develop an idea of which ballpark you estimate the music will fall into, yet any self-made predictions are soon put aside. They drop a very laid-back minimal beat and guitar line, which instantly correlates a likeness to the atmosphere created by The XX in previous years. Shortly after enters the dark, mumbling vocals that lay just underneath the balance of the rest of the music with hauntingly lo-fi production, which sparks a resemblance to the work of Bradford Cox (Deerhunter, Altas Sound).

The track plays with dynamics really effectively by using incredibly intense sections chasing the more stripped down parts. ‘Tourniquet’ is also a rather lengthy piece, counting in just less than 7 minutes duration, yet due to it’s dramatic chop-changing of section it keep the listener enthralled throughout. It trails out with layers of sound slowly depreciating until it remains with just the looping electronics of the introduction and the lazy vocals, which put the song to bed in a tranquil manner.

Check out the video below for a triple-exposured trip out:


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