REACTION: Muse 'The 2nd Law' Album Trailer Released

REACTION: Muse ‘The 2nd Law’ Album Trailer Released

My gentle stroll down my facebook news feed during my lunch break on Wednesday last week was rudely interrupted by a series of really quite repetitive posts from really quite irritated ‘music lovers’. You see apparently Muse had just released their ‘album trailer’ for the forthcoming release of their SIXTH studio album, ‘The 2nd Law’, out this September. It’s fair to say that even the most ardent Bellamy enthusiasts appeared at the end of their tether with the release of what really is a crazy, crazy couple of minutes caught on camera. People said such things as ‘Hopefully a joke’, ‘This is a joke’, ‘But Matt, I wasn’t aware you were such a comedian’, ‘this guy’s a n00b’, ‘Can’t wait to see these guys live!’ and ‘Dont give a shit if it’s dubstep or not, it’s Muse, it’ll probably be good.’ Enlightening, no?

Well, let’s first of all try to put aside the ridiculous and unfortunately all too emerging trend of mega band’s using cinematic ‘album trailers’ to promote their releases, drawing on the combined vermin of record label bosses, hedonistic PR chiefs as well as overpaid ‘creative directors’ all pooled into two minutes of pure media evil, designed to lure young impressionable teens with their spell-binding powers of cinematic grandiose meaningless hyperbole.

The video begins with a frenetic fiddle of violins and then trees, yes lots of trees, dark trees at that. Amongst these trees there emerge swaths of psychedelic shadows, I’m scared, are you scared? I think I just saw someone run past, okay I’m definitely on edge here guys, what is this? I don’t know, my only bet is to just keep watching. I can feel the suspense ripping through me. Twenty seconds in and the logo flashes before me, oh thank God, it’s just another Muse video.

Okay there are now two people running together, they’re both running from danger, does that mean I’m in danger too? But what are they running from? I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but I think we might be dealing with a troublesome metaphor here. And in a flash, we’re out of the forest, thank heavens. We are now in an urban setting, the forest chase has become a gritty inner city drama. But people are still running, tireless running at that, it’s like the relentless pursuit of the city dramatised in a short video for us. It’s like life’s a treadmill, man. No?

An eye flashes before us now, with the sort of majestic lure of it being transfixed with intent but yet terrified with fear at the same time, in a sort of… superhuman trance? Oh god what does this all mean? There are now infinite amounts of digits in front of the eye, it’s like the coding is mingling with us, it’s unsettling us I’d say. It’s not natural that’s for sure. These frightening digits now morph into the rise and fall of stock shares. This is now accompanied by images of oil fields. Machines at work. The stock market is now alive before us. But I don’t understand Matt, what does the every-day working life of our busy, hard-working stock market economists have to do with forests, and eyes of harrowing fear? Chinese economists now? It gets even worse, dressed in red, duh, because they’re communist, communist capitalist market traders, obviously.

There’s now fire, which means that everything is definitely not how it ought to be.

The rising price of petrol flashes before us. Yeah Matt, I feel your pain. Petrol is expensive these days. Thank God someone’s made a record we can all relate to.

The economists now look a lot more angry than before. This is making me feel nearly as on edge as I felt in the forest earlier. Racially diverse economists at least though, if nothing else. I’d like to point out at this point, that we are not even halfway through the fucking video.

Oh dear, that eye is back, it looks awfully surreal, with its blue stare, no one stares like that Matt, do your research.

Oh well thank God someone’s put the news on, this will explain it. I wish the signal would stop cutting out, I can’t hear what she’s saying, it’s as if my perception of reality has become crucially distorted by the technology I choose to consume the modern world with. That or I need to reset my digibox.

The explanation she gives of why we ought to be so bloody worried as to run through forests and down urban highways, is because we’re running out of energy. The actual scientific explanation of this is vague at best, let’s be honest Matt.

‘An economy based on endless growth is unsustainable.’

Cue cinematic dubstep euphoria. Oh, look whose turned up, it’s that band, Muse? They’re playing an arena show, I’m glad someone’s enjoying this, along with the talking television set.

However, this does little to calm down the men who are still running. The camera takes on the perspective of the machine chasing the men through the suburban streets, in between shots of the evil dancing television set.

And then it ends, and apparently after all this, Muse have a new album out.

The main criticism that has been targeted at Muse for this video is the use of dubstep, trying to cross genre their own mass market appeal into another to form a super-mass of young music lovers. Innovative I’d say, I like Muse, I like dubstep, ‘OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THIS?!’ Everyone’s a winner, more is more right? I mean I actually quite enjoyed that video, and if you’re going to create some mindless ‘armageddon’ style narrative (because they haven’t done that for about three albums straight now?) and loosely and rather lazily connect it to some sort of political undertone to make it ‘powerful and pertinent’ with the youth, then at least go whole hog and throw in some dubstep.

Well done I’d say, thumbs up. Anyway lunch is well and truly over, meaning myself, and all the terrifying economists must get back to work now, enjoy your day, and don’t go near any forests for christ’s sake.


  1. I really enjoyed this article but The 2nd Law will only be the sixth studio album. Hullaballoo is a live album!

  2. James Smith with an oh-so-typical ‘ironic’ blog post like that I hope you are the first to perish. People like you need to wake up and see the seriousness in this all as previewed in this 2 minute album trailer. I’m by no means a whack job conspiracy theorist at all and you are by no means an idiot either, you clearly understood everything that video had to offer us, (over consumption of technology, resources running dry etc.) whereas your average viewer – let’s face it – most likely didn’t, but I just feel sorry for them whereas you my friend are the what could be deemed the real problem, it’s a question of seriousness, if you don’t think economists at the top level are evil then you are mistaken, look into the rise of neo-conservatism in the 80’s and how’s it running amok upon us all today, if you don’t think the worlds resources are running dry you are hugely mistaken, look at how these very same neo-cons have started the whole nonsense about global warming not actually being true and how they threaten the scientists to agree with them when they want to say otherwise because as long as they’re raping the world of it’s resources and lining their pockets they couldn’t give a shit about our environment and the effects this is will eventually have on us all, an economy based on endless growth is unsustainable couldn’t be much more of an acute statement. Research the matter addressed with that statement and you will see but, once again, I don’t believe you to be an idiot by any means but it’s a question of seriousness, you sit in your little box trying to be witty with your ironic blog posts rather than actually looking at the world for what it is and wanting to change things for the better for us and future generations and that is why I deem you the real problem here, there’s too many people like you out there that don’t care and it’ll be our downfall.

  3. if that comment, doesn’t get approved by moderation then this is petty censorship, another of our problems.

    1. lol @ my last comment about censorship didn’t realise this was fundamentally a UK based site, I thought it was American.. ’nuff said

  4. The idea of the post, beyond humour, was in fact to highlight the vacuous and mindless nature of the video of yet another band cashing in on topical issues for no actual constructive purpose. It is interesting to note that Muse’s grave concerns over energy and climate change don’t hold them back from taking hundreds of coaches and planes round the world with them on tour each year. The explanation of energy simply ‘disappearing’ (Completely seperate from the use of finite resources such as oil and coal) was completely farsical and bereft of a grain of scientific validity. And as an aside, you cannot call all economists intrinsically ‘evil’ without therefore implying that they are some sort of alternative essentially corrupt race, but they are not, they are human beings acting as all human beings would in a man-made system. This is exactly what the post is about, if people would stop taking the easy option, castigating bankers as ‘wankers’, jumping on bandwagons, and buying Muse’s record because a lazily researched argument about political agendas is in there, and take a step back then we would be in a much better position to face the challenges the modern world presents us. Thanks for the input though.

  5. While this post was vaguely humorous, I find it’s lack of thought disturbing. First, the announcer in the video is stating the second law of thermodynamics. Next, the dub step is not dub step. It is the same pedal effects Matt has always used. Also, you could pull back the reigns on your sarcasm a bit, it felt a bit too forced.

  6. Pretty ignorant post to be honest, funny in places but still completely missing the point even when Muse are telling it to you plain and simple with a good dose of wub. I too really enjoy this new innovative style but when you try and completely write off the message they’re trying to communicate to their audience as a marketing ploy, then you really are what’s wrong with this world, wake up.

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