The Morning Waffles, with Murray MacLeod [The XCERTS]

The Morning Waffles, with Murray MacLeod [The XCERTS]

Morning all, and welcome to week seven, episode six. This week, Macaulay Culkin does a Scottish accent, best thing ever.


(Photo by Ricky Gibb)

My name is Murray Macleod, I sing and play guitar in the band The XCERTS.

Theatre or Opera?

Theatre. If I hadn’t decided to take the band seriously I would have studied drama at university or some sort of school for the theatrical.  I’ve never been to an opera but I’m not overly fussed about seeing one to be honest. I’d rather see a ballet recital over an opera. In fact I would really like to see a ballet recital.

I bet you would, cheeky. Is teleportation theoretically possible?

Yes, I witnessed it in a documentary about a group of kids that won the chance to take a tour around a chocolate factory. Turned out the owner was a trip and actually figured out how to teleport someone into a TV set. Ironically the the guy it happened to was called Mike Teavee. The poor loon is still stuck in the TV set after all these years.

Favourite element of the periodic table?

Well I obviously like Oxygen a whole lot. I must thank Oxygen because to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’d be here living life on planet Earth without it, just a hunch. Also I’m a big fan of Iron, it helped me back to health when I was younger and still helps me from time to time now.

Are there adequate grounds to formally argue that one plus one does in fact, equal a window?

One plus one doesn’t equal a window. 1+1 = a window, does actually make for something that resembles the drawing of a window depending on how you write it down on paper. Try it out at school kids, it’ll blow your mind.

If you were to encounter, on your own, a colony of aliens in outer space, that all looked more or less like humans, do you think you would instinctively trust or distrust them?

How would I know they were aliens then? I’d be an alien also. Could they trust me? That’s the real question.

Getting a little bit clever with the question master here ‘Murray’. Moving on, is there such a thing as complete liberty?

Depends on who you speak to. It exists in certain people’s lives but not everyone’s.

What happens to our souls when we die?

I’d like to believe souls carry on as ghosts… instead of coming back after the adverts to find out if I’m correct or not, we’ll actually have to wait until we’re all dead.


Can’t wait, thanks for coming in Murray. ‘The Morning Waffles’ will be back next week with another extra-special guest, read last week’s chit-chat mothers’ meeting with Johnny Foreigner chief girl, Kelly Southern here.

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