The Birthday Suit – A Conversation Well Rehearsed

The Birthday Suit – A Conversation Well Rehearsed

If the cold winter weather is starting to get to you, this album might just re-inject some summer energy.

Whilst Roddy Woomble made off down the path of accoustic folk during the bands hiatus, his Idlewild cohort, Rod Jones was busying himself picking up the pace on his own solo project. With this second instalment, a slightly more rounded album, he’s showing no sign of slowing up either.

Opening track Uh Huh Uh Huh is a fast paced, bass laden affair that starts out with a sweet vocal harmony before properly kicking off. You Deserve So Much Better is a slower and more sombre track with a nice double speed sing-along chorus. Standout tracks Can Of Worms, 10 Years Past and single Less Worthless Years are all catchy riff filled examples of the kind of pop rock that made Idlewild popular.


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