Violet - " We write music we want to hear, and we love what we do. We hope you love it too"  1

Violet – ” We write music we want to hear, and we love what we do. We hope you love it too”

Violet have managed to make a huge name for themselves in the underground music scene over the last few years. Their unique style appeals to a wide spread audience and they never fail to put on an impressive live show, no matter what size of venue. It’s clear to see that the guys put all their passion and drive into everything they do.
With 6 members and a style which can be fitted into a number of different genres, the band are really hitting us with something a little different to other bands on the scene today.


God Is In The TV recently caught up with Violets’ Joe, Sam, Liam and Jordan, to talk about their up coming tour with Dance Gavin Dance, #vbirds, why the band has so much Va-va-voom and are simply ‘off-da-chain’…

Hi Guys, how are you all?
“We’re doing really well thank you.”

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to God Is In The TV, you’ve been busy touring all over Europe the last few weeks, what was that like?
“It was pretty incredible to be honest. We’d heard a lot about touring Europe and it definitely lived up to expectations.”

Have you got a favourite country to play in?
“Germany seemed to be one of the best for us. We had some amazing shows there and a lot of kids turned out.”

Did you miss home when you’re on tour? Or do you miss touring when you’re at home?
“We miss the comforts of home sometimes, but touring is definitely where we belong. Home is nice for a day, but after two days we just want to be back out. Definitely miss touring when we are at home.”

You’re touring again in April/ May  – will it be a different set list from the last tour? Will you be playing any new songs maybe?
“It’ll be the same for now. We feel it’s a solid set and are yet to play it to a lot of people. We may add another new song. We actually already play some newer songs in the set.”

Bassist Liam Westnidge adds: “Dance Gavin Dance have been a band that we have all listened to since ‘Downtown Battle Mountain’ and we have had so much influence from. To be in a position to be touring with them and Closure In Moscow is true testament to the hard work we have been putting in over the years. We can’t wait to play this tour and play our new material to new people.”

Sounds great! Is there a place/country/ venue you guys would love to play you haven’t played yet?
“Warped tour. Every time.”

If you could pick any band, which one would you love to tour with?
“We played with Pierce The Veil recently and they were the nicest dudes and one of our favourite bands. I think we would all love to tour with A Lot Like Birds again. They are pretty much our best friends now.”

For potential new fans out there, describe your band/ music in 6 words, starting with:
Tea (cups of)

What’s the story behind the ‘#vbirds‘ thing?
“We were watching Grease one day, and obviously they have the ‘Tbirds’ thing. Liam suggested a Vbirds thing. It kinda started as a joke, but people caught onto it and it just stuck. Its pretty cool seeing fans put Vbird things out.”

What does the future hold for Violet, what are your plans? Single? Tour? Festivals? Videos? Album?
“Single. Video. Tour. Album. Tour. Tour. Single? Tour.”

Sounds great! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
“Just a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting us! We’ve got a big year ahead of us, really looking forward to it.”

Well the best of luck to you guys (not that you need it), we’re sure the future holds big and exciting things for you! See you on tour.


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