Living Colour, Koko - 8th March 2013 1
Living Colour at Koko

Living Colour, Koko – 8th March 2013


Living Colour at Koko
Living Colour at Koko


25 years is a long time for some, but for one night at Koko, it seemed like only yesterday as Living Colour revisited their breakthrough album ‘Vivid’ from 1988.

Singer Corey Glover may have swapped his bicycle shorts for a Bill Cosby Sweater and flat cap but the power of the man’s voice is undiminished. One of the most adaptable front men in rock, his voice can slide from fierce howling falsettos to deep soulful lullabies and back again. Often within the same song.


Guitarist Vernon Reid is similarly adaptable, having literally created his own universe within guitar playing. Old school riffs meets angular avant garde free jazz metal solos, before turning back around with some slippery James Brown style funk. Drummer Will Calhoun and Bassist Doug Wimbish provide the solid foundations for all the stylistic pyrotechnics, whether it’s driving hardcore, gospel or soul, there’s few genres left untouched by these pioneers.



Highlights from the set list include the crushing album opener ‘Cult of Personality’ which sees the band settling into gear and Corey jumping down to the front row of the audience. ‘Open Letter (to a landlord)’ is as touching as ever, and is prefaced with a rousing chorus of ‘Amazing Grace’, heightening the songs’ Gospel credentials.


‘Glamour Boys’ is as bouncy and as fun as it ever was and ‘Love rears its ugly head’ is just class song writing. The evening ends with an aptly frenetic ‘Time’s Up’, as time literally is up and the band have to exit to make way for the following Disco at the venue. By the smiles on the faces on both band and crowd, it would seem that the night’s reunion could happily have gone on for at least another album or two.




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Preachin’ Blues (Robert Johnson cover)

Sailing On (Bad Brains cover)

Cult of Personality

I Want to Know

Middle Man

Desperate People

Funny Vibe

Memories Can’t Wait (Talking Heads cover)

Open Letter (to a Landlord)

Broken Hearts

Glamour Boys

What’s Your Favorite Color?

Which Way to America?

Drum Solo

Leave it Alone

Love Rears its ugly head

Time’s up

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