LoveMusicHateXFactorDoSomething Campaign showcase bands in Unsigned "TV" Show

LoveMusicHateXFactorDoSomething Campaign showcase bands in Unsigned “TV” Show

The LoveMusicHateXFactorDoSomething Facebook campaign has come up with a great way of giving increased exposure to unsigned and DIY label bands. And we are hoping if you are a musician you would like to get involved!

Artists are invited to post a video of one of their songs on a thread on the campaign page, the best of them are featured as “Video of the Day” and given the opportunity to have a short clip featured in a monthly compilation – the first of which can be found here:

A statement from the organizers of the campaign:

“The idea is that if a band is pro-active enough to submit their video and give permission for use of a clip then there is every chance they will make an effort to share the compilation video on social media which means each band benefits from each other’s promotion besides the promotion given by the campaign itself.

The selection is deliberately eclectic and largely accessible so that whilst perhaps not everyone will love every track, most people will be able to find at least one track that they love and investigate the band further.

People discovering the series through future volumes are likely to check out previous volumes and subscribe to the YouTube channel, and bands submitting their video for consideration are asked to share the current compilation on their timeline thus giving on-going exposure to the included acts.

John W. King who started the campaign stated “The aim of the video is not only to give a helping hand to the bands featured, but also to help break the stigma against bands that don’t get daytime airplay. I know from experience that promoting an unsigned night can turn you into a social leper with people crossing the street in case you invite them to your night! Yet I believe that if more people would just bite the bullet and have a listen they’d discover lots of great bands on their own doorstep that are often more exciting than those put forward by mainstream radio.

Instead of saying ‘here are 10 bands you’ve probably never heard of’ we’re asking the question; ‘Is this line-up better than the typical episode of X-Factor’? I’m sure some will say ‘no’ without even watching it, but I doubt many people who watch it could hand-on-heart come to the conclusion that they don’t like any of the tracks.

If everyone who believe that unsigned bands should get more exposure can share the video around then perhaps even the TV networks would eventually take notice. After all the BBC give a prime time slot once a year to a lot of bands nobody has ever heard of in the shape of Eurovision – and that attracted 7.7 million viewers this year! So why are they ignoring the thousands of talented bands like those on our video who, with all due respect, could beat the typical Eurovision entry into a cocked hat!

I feel that the Glastonbury 2013 lineup is a good barometer of the mainstream music scene. Unusually this year, the vast majority of bands on the bill have played the festival before despite the fact it is two years since its last outing. This shows that whilst XFactor continues to get pop acts into the charts, bands that appeal to festival audiences simply aren’t breaking through despite there being no lack of contenders – perhaps it’s time therefore that the mainstream media stopped relying on the traditional record label approach to discover new talent and started actively hunting it out, they could begin by having a look at our video. ”

Future plans including getting more volunteers on-board so that genre specific compilations can be produced on a more frequent basis.

The video can be found at:”

Whilst the campaign page is at:

And the website is located at:

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