Dead Wolf Club release debut EP with Big Tea Records

Dead Wolf Club release debut EP with Big Tea Records

Healer EP Artwork Packshot
New signing to Big Tea Records, Dead Wolf Club announce the release their first release with their new album and since their album RAR, was released on Scene not Heard, last year. The 4 track EP, is Healer, out this Monday September 30th and available on 10″ green and white limited edition vinyl , as well as digital. These 300 limited edition vinyl records also come with a little fanzine printed on 100% recycled paper.

This 4 track EP, Healer, appears to follow a spiritual theme, of alienation, with tension building between the humane and material , focusing on ideas around song titles, ‘Metropolis’, ‘Flood’, and obviously the EP title, ‘Healer’, a man who looks like a boy healing a stone on their artwork, as it starts to bleed. The songs revolve around a welcome mix of post punk and shoegaze, the shoegaze giving the punk riffs an absorbing after glow, the drums tribal and pounding, moving into psychedelic tones especially in 17, sounds that screech off into the distance and come back to melodic and harmonious again. The band remind me of My Bloody Valentine, in that I could be taken away and absorbed by the sound, invited to stop thinking for a while. There appears to be a layering of confusion and calmness that pervades, as anger, fear and alienation screeches out of John Othello’s words.

The punk and grunge sound mix nicely hinting at tones of Sonic Youth and maybe even My Bloody Valentine, the tension between the vocals and he sound, enhance the distortion, as if aliens were invading, or as if something is trying to escape from John Othello’s voice. We get glimpses of his thoughts and ideas, as tension builds and ideas are thrown out from the darker moments. In ‘Flood’, where he seeks an equilibrium with the world, ‘someone told me I was a mess.’ ‘no one told me how to stand up.’ Or in ‘Metropolis’, ‘sometimes I see through everyone,’ give us ideas of destruction and alienation, in this epic track, with lots of ideas interwoven, giving that feel of the world so big on the outside and dominating.

This is a band on a mission, not entirely sure where it will go yet, but they are even giving away a Big Tea fanzine on 100% recycled paper. The bands mission is a political and possibly an enlightening one, seeking something new and evolved, this band are on a mission, even the magazine is 100% recyclable.

DEAD WOLF CLUB will play the following live dates in support of HEALER, with more to be announced:



– House Of Wolf, Islington, London – LAUNCH PARTY!

– Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

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