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VIDEO: Fumaça Preta Launch Their First Visual Freak Out

Fumaça Preta por Caroline Bittencourt 007

For those who enjoy their music grittier, raw and out there… somewhere, Fumaça Preta (Black Smoke) have launched their first video in addition to their so far extremely limited releases on 45’s. The video serves as something of a precursor to their forthcoming album which is due some time this year.

Portuguese-venezuelan producer and percussionist Alex Figueira brought together a few strangers from several corners of the globe who somehow just clicked in the live room. What started out life as an experiment in Figueira’s tiny analogue studio in Amsterdam has grown in to something of a furious beast. Joined by New York record store Tropicalia In Furs owner Joel Stones on vocals along with Stuart Carter and James Porch of UK Psychfunk band The Grits on guitar and bass, the four (who didn’t really knew each other) entered the studio and churned out their first 45 in three days from writing through mixing. Having met up regularly since have now produced a second 45 as well as the imminent album.


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