Track of The Day #528 – Powder Blue – Run

Track of The Day #528 – Powder Blue – Run


I have made no bones about how much I love this band. From the moment I opened their Soundcloud link I was mesmerised.

Hailing from Saskatoon, SK, Canada, deep in the bowels of the near Arctic country side, Powder Blue (PB) have unleashed their own unique blend of chilled psychedelic rock and shoegaze grunge. Named one of the ‘Best Psychedelic Albums of 2013’ by The Active Listener, “Dream In Black” is a haunting score of dark keys, lush reverbed guitars and warm harmonies that fashion a soundtrack to both your dreams and nightmares.

Run is a hot, heavy, psych track, reminiscent of The Doors, or Deep Purple. With the exception of Savages, I haven’t seen four ladies rock this hard for a very long time, and having seen them live, I can confirm that they will leave you buzzing after the final chord is struck.

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