Track of The Day #626: The Lost Brothers – Little Angel

Track of The Day #626: The Lost Brothers – Little Angel

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In all honesty quite fetching and something of a tear jerker, Christmas loveliness from Irish duo The Lost Brothers which on this outing entitled ‘Little Angel’ at least features among its grooves a certain Bill Ryder Jones of the Coral.

Now I don’t mind saying that this sounds very much like something you’d expect to come a tumbling out of your nan’s loft, whilst you busily beaver away rummaging around for the festive tree decorations, kind of Everly Brothers doing Neil Diamond in truth. Nothing wrong with that especially if it comes smokily adorned and framed in the kind of vintage and fuzzy feel good glow of the type that used to fall out of an innocent old worldly pre-pop monochrome age. Which shimmies past your defences to pepper all sumptuously in lolloping motifs, brass band fanfares and crooning pedal steels.

The single is available as a free download though the band have kindly requested that what would have been the cost to purchase be given to a children’s charity of your choice whilst those purchasing the digital single will find their hard earned spondoolies going to Unicef.

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