Inarguable Pop Classics #7: Frankie Goes to Hollywood - 2 Tribes

Inarguable Pop Classics #7: Frankie Goes to Hollywood – 2 Tribes

Since 9/11, today’s news agenda may be driven by the War On Terror, but prior to that, a large amount of the cultural climate of the 80s was driven by Cold War paranoia and fear. America was engaged in a war by proxy with Russia, which was played out by using other countries as pawns, arming them to the teeth and watching them do battle. Any number of movies, books and songs played on and document the fear that hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of people would be killed in outright nuclear war between the two superpowers – Armageddon was a very real possibility. Liverpools’ controversial 4 piece FGTH added to the genre. They may have made headlines with their single ‘Relax’, which was banned from the BBC for its’ gay innuendos, but their killer track was ‘Two Tribes’, a behemoth of a song produced by legendary 80s production genius Trevor Horn.

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