Track of the Day #727 Beca – Enabler

Track of the Day #727 Beca – Enabler

BecaThis electro-pop brilliance in the form of Beca‘s ‘Enabler’, taken from her debut album Ecliptic, due later this month will surely brighten things up; October may well be in full swing, but we can always dream of warmer climes.  ‘Enabler’ wastes no time in getting to the good stuff either.  According to Beca, the track is about “how we can desperately try to make our partners happy while ending up hurt and resentful in the process. In a relationship, we can each inadvertently become the enabler, despite all of our good intentions.”

Despite this, the melodies are impossibly upbeat, bringing with it a positive twist, even if the lyrics suggest that it’s all one-sided, with a wispy, breathy, and a bit of an other-worldly quality to the vocals and harmonies, evoking a dream-like image to everything.  Perhaps this is indicative of its lyrical content, or maybe it’s purely coincidental, but it does bring yet another layer to the song, adding to its brilliance.  Subsequent listens reveal something else about it and turning it into something bigger and better every time.



‘Enabler’ is out now and is available on iTunes.


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