Track Of The Day #875: Lee la Loa – Purple Sky

Track Of The Day #875: Lee la Loa – Purple Sky

‘Purple Sky’ is the title track to Lee la Loa‘s new EP, and it is wonderful.  With its intense but slightly muted passion and drenched in melancholy, it sways back and forth in its sultry tones from start to finish.  ‘Purple Sky’ paints a dark-washed picture, dotted with tiny specks of light and glitter.  Many layers make up the track, and each listen reveals a new, fresh layer that only serves to add to the shine beneath.

The title ‘Purple Sky’ brings up images of a stormy sky, billowing grey-edged clouds, and a faint crackle of lightning in the distance.  Lee la Loa’s sultry, easy vocals is that crackle of lightning – never quite going all out in an explosive release, instead they teeter on the edge, giving it a dangerous quality.  But like all storms, when they come, there’s something a little sexy about them – the muggy heat, the air thick with expectation, and the almost suffocating atmosphere that usually dissipates after the storm; ‘Purple Sky’ sits right in that moment.

‘Purple Sky’ appears on the EP of the same name and is available to buy from 28th July on Follyphone Records.

Hear the EP in full on SoundCloud


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