PLAYLIST: The Pendletons - The Songs that Made us

PLAYLIST: The Pendletons – The Songs that Made us

E Da Boss and Trailer Limon are The Pendletons the San Francisco duo are back with a brand new release on Brooklyn label Bastard Jazz. Titled ‘Funk Forever,’ the new single stands as the first cut from their EP of the same name out now. Playing into the obvious theme of the record, ‘Funk Forever’ is a groove laced boogie tune which evokes 70’s classics thanks to the use of horn lines, Yamaha dx7 keys, and snapping hip hop inspired drum programming. ‘Funk Forever’ EP, also includes collaborations with Elive, Potatohead People, and Ishtar.

In a bid to delve deeper into their influences, gere they talk us through their ‘Songs that Made us’ playlist:

Eric Boss:

Universal Robot Band – Barley Breaking Even

An absolute Monster of boogie funk! This has it all. Great groovy bass line & really slick accompanying synth lines. The vocals are the most relatable words ever put to a track! Legend has it that this is a left over track from Leroy Burgess’s LOGG sessions.

Unlimited Touch – Searching to Find the One

Heavy NYC tune! With produced from members of Crown Heights Affair & a stellar mix by Francois K. The drums and stabby synth bass rocks the speakers every time!

FireFly – Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side)

This Italian disco group nailed this track! The space between the drums, bass & percussion on this track are fantastic! The simplicity of the groove is what makes this track so catchy. Also the lyrics beginning with the word “LOVE” makes you feel good all over!

Parliament – Mothership Connection (Kon Edit)

How do you make one of the best funk tunes ever recorded better? Give it to Kon & let him do his magic! Nuff Said!!

Gene Chandler – I’ll Make the Living If You Make the Loving Worthwhile

My favorite Chi Town stomper! I love post disco tracks like this where the tempo is a slowed down but the syncopation holds steady. Also Gene’s a brilliant vocalist on any track of his illustrious career.

Trailer Limon:

Prince – Erotic City

Man, I remember hearing this as a kid and feeling some feelings! This is to me one of the funkiest songs ever made. The brass chords, the drum beat and bass line, its blissful. According to Sheila E., her and Price recorded it together in one night, just the two of them in the studio. They were dating at the time so you can only imagine what they were doing in that studio, and the song sounds like that too. All of my purple life… I still get chills with this song.

Tower of Power -Your Still a Young Man

I grew up listening to Bump City, the album this cut is off, so I could have chose a few dope songs off that album, but this one is iconic. The horns are amazing and the vocal performance is nothing short of incredible. Growing up in the Bay Area I was proud that this music and the band represent our spirit, the spirit of diversity. It was awesome to see a multicultural band that just kicked so much ass.

Kano – I’m Ready

I head this for the first time at a primarily gay club in SF called the End Up. They called it that because it went all night and you would end up there at like 4 in the morning, on one. I remember hearing this song and it just triggered something, so many dope elements. The mixture of analog dirty synth with live drums is something I have always loved. The synth line on this song is the most memorable shit ever. I had to sing it to a bunch of DJ friends until I could finally track it down. It took like 3 years!

Too Short – Don’t Fight The Feeling

This song led me to the original, by One Way, which is one of the nastiest boogie/funk basslines ever written. The rap verses on this are so good. The women rappers kill it so hard. This is off of Life Is Too Short, one of my favorite and most influential rap albums from when I was a kid. I bought in the 4th grade on cassette and wore it out. Also shout out to Rapping 4tay, who got his start on this song. The Pendletons actually has a song with 4tay that’s unreleased.

Ice Cube – Once Upon a Time in the Projects

This album, Amerikkas Most Wanted, was my shit as a kid. I literally memorized the whole album and probably could still rap it, although I never would in public. At that time that was the most subversive shit EVER. The beat on this song is what is the stand out for me…That electric guitar looping. I have no idea what sample that is, I am sure its just a google away. The Bomb Squad did this whole album, and every beat is amazing. Still the most cutting edge shit even by todays standards. Gritty AF.

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