NEWS: Alice Hubble debuts new video for woozy synth single ‘Goddess’

NEWS: Alice Hubble debuts new video for woozy synth single ‘Goddess’

Alice Hubble is the new project of Alice Hubley (previously Cosines and Arthur and Martha) and her new single ‘Goddess’ is the product of one lady locked at home with her massive collection of synthesizers. Inspired by the 70’s recordings by Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Delia Derbyshire and the work of OMD, with warm layers of woozy synths, an insistent beat and garnished with elegant vocals, it’s a song about subverting the male gaze, today we share the video below.

 Says Alice on the song: “Goddess is a song about the male gaze; about a man idolising a woman to the point that he doesn’t see her as a person. His ‘love’ is all consuming and the focus of his affection is seen merely as an object. As a result he consumes her and takes from her until she has little left, but thankfully she finds the inner strength to walk away.”

“Also on this EP are Alice’s baroque instrumental ‘Lake Louise’ and three remixes of the lead track; the first is an epic Can / Neu! krautrock re-imagining by Berlin / Japan based Mood Taeg, the second is an ambient darkwave interpretation by London’s Bricolotheque and the final version is a lush, symphonic evolution of the track by neo-classical composer Luke Mawdsley from the
band Mésange.”

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