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Hot Sauce Pony’s singer,a miss Caroline Gilchrist reckons you’ve no better place to be on Thursday 13th June. Brixton Windmill appears to be the home of many a band and how can we say no to being invited to spend time with Hot Sauce Pony, Dog of Man and Ham Legion?

John Clay: So, it’s been a busy year thus far for the pony. Any memorable highlights?

Caroline Gilchrist: Releasing our album is definitely one. We’ve had some great shows lately too.

J.C: Indeed! I particularly like ‘Ho’. What on earth is that about then?

CG: Ho sounds great on the record, we had a lot of fun with it, I have some footage somewhere as we had double drums!
It’s kind of a song about remorse and cringing dread but, there’s humour in it too like in a lot of our stuff I think.

J.C: You do have quite a bit of pathos in your stuff. Fancy sharing the lyrics to the chorus for those curious about the L.P?

C.G: To Ho? It just repeats “don’t let me go”. It actually wasn’t meant to be called Ho. That was a nickname that kinda stuck.

J.C: Do you write as a band, or do you present the lyrics as and when there is a tune?

C.G: I write all the lyrics and vocal parts. We have a very organic writing process though, we write a lot of stuff in the room. We often record bits to work on at home as well.

J.C: It must be tough getting yourselves in one place to work considering how many other bands you’re all in. How many is it now between you all?

C.G: I’ve lost count!

J.C: Well, there’s Your husbands’s band..Anyway, you’ve got a gig this Thurs. Will you be playing ‘Fenced in’, or will i have to boycott the gig?

C.G: Yes, not to mention all of Stephen’s professional music commitments. It can be hard but we somehow make it work. Fenced In may well be on the set list, all will be decided at tomorrow’s rehearsal (but it’s highly likely).

J.C: i shall have my placard at the ready in case it’s not! How do you find the prospect of playing with Ham Legion and dog Of Man. a) Daunting b) Underwhelmed c) Let’s fucking do this

C.G: It’s always a pleasure and they’re usually up for fun and frolics.

J.C: Any details you wanna tell us about the show before I stop haranguing you?

C.G: I think we are one of many bands who kind of think of The Windmill as “home” so it’s always fun to play there. Anything could happen…

J.C: Well then. See you at home. Which now sounds weird now I’ve typed it. Think I’ll have to leave this bit in the interview for extra cringe factor. See you Thursday down the front!

J.C: Thanks, see you then!

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Photo credit: Etienne Gilfillan

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