The NEW E.P from Leathers is out now and after filming signature track , ‘Bad News’, I figured chatting to singer/guitarist Chris would be a good idea. Let’s talk bad news …

You’ve performed a song called ‘Bad News’. Care to tell us what the tune is about?

I guess it came from just picking up a paper, putting on TV and that it seems to be all news is bad…Brexit, Trump etc…I was thinking how can we get a positive out of all this negativity? I know, let’s do one groovy kick out the jams rock n roll song.

Do you think that we suffer from the perception that things have gotten more chaotic in the world, rather than media agencies becoming more savvy and perhaps more exploitative?

I guess things have gotten more chaotic in the world or perhaps It’s just the case that we all know about the chaos more due to all the social media channels … the worlds’ always been chaotic but 30 years ago if some bloke in New Zealand pinched all the yellow M&M’s out of all the packets nobody would’ve known but now we know it all in an instant.

Do you consider that a bad thing, or is it all just harder to process?

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing….in some respects the fact everyone knows everything is good….recent events such as the #metoo probably wouldn’t have been so strong if not for social media…so in that respect it’s good.

It’s easy to understand the public’s seemingly endless fascination with the ‘everything’s – getting – worse’ idea. Perhaps it’s a symptom of Western culture’s linear perception of time. Maybe our curiosity about the end times is something we’re subconsciously manifesting despite our instinct to survive?

Maybe….I know as a kid we always seemed bombarded with end of the world scenario … films, T.V … maybe it’s subconsciously planted in us….I’m a very positive person though, looking forward to the future and all it holds. Life and the world are beautiful things.

That energy really comes across in your music, despite what the subject matter of the tune is. Is it tough to keep about things in the current climate? What do you make of Boris Johnson’s premiership so far?

Music wise both Ed and me love playing music…love making music … I don’t find it hard to keep positive about things….I love being creative and finding new music…Ed also is on an endless quest to listen to all the good stuff. Boris Johnson … I think he makes a better TV personality than a Prime Minister … He’s like a cartoon.

Doff of the cap to your music making (and more on your recent release soon). Any predictions as to how the Brexit situation will be resolved?

I can’t see it being resolved anytime soon…whatever happens, it’s torn the country apart.
Some would say that the hostility towards the E.U was building for some time, that Farage and co were inevitable conduits for a feeling of powerlessness in the abstraction that is Europe. What do you reckon?

I heard David Cameron on the radio today saying that a referendum was part of Tony Blair’s manifesto way back…and he did what should’ve happened 15 years previous. I dunno if that’s right. Farage again is like some horrendous cartoon. It’s such a shame that Brexit has defined this era politically…people will look back thinking what the f/#@.

A cartoon is harmless though. Politicians that court controversy by denying the presence of press when handling an angry parent in a hospital? Bad news. It’s quite amazing to see how larger than life characters like Johnson, Trump and Farage have inadvertently inspired the young to become more vocal about governance. More engagement in politics by the electorate can only be a good thing. Good news then. Tell us more about your new E.P?

Yeah you’re right … I guess I mean they are unreal . Our new EP is CLASS ACTION…4 tracks recorded at the playpen studio Bristol. Recorded it with engineer Ben Turner who we’ve recorded a lot with over last 5 years. He gets how we do things and we know each other well enough to create a relaxed atmosphere. it’s our second ep…it’s getting really well received which is great … Ed and me are proud of it.
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Ben Turner. Where have I heard that name before? He’s in a band, right?

He is in a band in Bristol. He’s worked with lot of Bristol bands.

How did your approach to recording this E.P differ from the last?

Not a lot different to be honest. We know where to put drums to get good sound in the studio now and recorded mostly live then I added some extra parts on an organ pedal I use….it was same process as first EP…Ben’s got some good tricks we use also.

Well, if Bad News’ is anything to go by then people are gonna love the new E.P which is out when?

It’s out now, on kmrecords…available on our Bandcamp page. Kmrecords big cartel. iTunes. Amazon and Spotify. Yeah we’re proud of it…we’re both big fans of funk and soul as well as rock garage rock. When started band we made decision to keep it two of us and keep it pretty primitive. Only the essential ingredients … we’re loving it.

Excellent. Loved chatting with you man. Hope to do so again soon!

Definitely the world needs more John Clay’s … Great to meet you and chat.

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