Lloyd Best’s Tracks of The Year 2019

1. Contaminated – BANKS

Beautiful, haunting and expertly crafted.  Contaminated by Banks is one of several brilliant pieces from her LP III.  Banks’ tender voice delivers a heart-wrenching story of infidelity and being the other woman, the simplicity of the instrumental puts the vocal in the spotlight and pulls us into a very personal and tender situation.

2. Fluids – Michael Medrano

A playful, future-pop bisexual anthem from Michael Medrano which boasts a Pharell-like production and provocative lyrics about sexual fluidity, a point of view not often explored in pop music.  Potentially the catchiest song released in 2019.

3. So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings – Caroline Polacheck

Straightforward dreamy pop bliss from Caroline Polacheck who explores physical frustration in long-distance relationships.  From the catchy hook to the vocal freestyle over the guitar solo, Polachek takes us on a fantastic wild ride.

4. God Control – Madonna

Lawsuits and controversy aside, this is a transformative piece of disco-pop.  The best track on Madame X, Madonna’s 14th studio album. Each section of the song elevates and transforms itself from the one before, culminating in a beautiful celebration of LGBT+ culture and a bitter tribute to those affected by gun violence. 

5. Shake It – Charli XCX

A tag-team effort from a group of pop music pioneers resulting in a unique and visceral track.  Featuring verses from Big Freeda, Cupcakke, Brooke Candy and Pablo Vittar. Every verse has a unique vibe, glued together with an iconic chorus from Charli XCX, this is PC Music at its finest.

6. Traces – Tom Aspaul

Taken from their upcoming album Black Country Disco, Traces by Tom Aspaul is a stunning, dreamy disco anthem that sounds both retro and modern at the same time. The track truly highlights Aspaul’s prowess as a songwriter and is a very strong showcase for this rising star.

7. Every Boy – Miss Benny

Unapologetic in their mission to “kiss every boy in the world”, Miss Benny takes a trap-style beat and applies their fresh perspective and vocal style to a genre that was over saturated in 2019. It’s hard to make a popular genre fresh, but Miss Benny did that!

8. Pity Party – Sakima

Another song borrowing from Trap music, but the production is stripped back to highlight the vocals from Sakima that are so sublime you can’t help but sing along. A great track surrounded by strong contenders on their EP Project Peach. 

9. Down With the Clique – Solange

From the first second this track is smooth and funky. Solange’s voice spreads warmly over the production and oozes in cool.  A highlight from her magnificent album When I Get Home and a moving journey from start to finish.

10. The Styx – ZLUTZ

ZLUTZ has released a haunting, emotional and beautiful track that feels very reminiscent of The XX.  The production is thick and powerful yet never detracts from the vocal that is soft and dripping with anguish. 

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