Video Of The Week #154: Accü - Is There a World?

Video Of The Week #154: Accü – Is There a World?

A carousel ride of harpsichords threaded with winding bass lines and garnished with hazy vocals, Accü’s new single ‘Is There A World?’ is part Syd Barrett flight of the imagination, one part Nico-esque contemplation and three parts tales of the unexpected theme tune. An almost nursery rhyme-like melody desperately tries to cling onto solid ground as the increasingly disorienting and uncertain world spins beneath.

Is There a World?’ is Accü’s first material since the release of her debut album Echo The Red. Angharad (Accü) never stands still creatively, always exploring a new musical language to communicate her stories. Ultimately ‘Is There A World?’ is Accü and her world, one we gladly escape to once again. 

Accü’s recollections of writing ‘Is There A World?’:

‘I was coming from a very different place when I wrote this song originally and strangely it plays back to me as something entirely different. It’s weird how things can change in meaning so quickly, despite no changes being made to the original material. Life is constantly changing the context.’

She says of the self produced accompanying video which we are debuting today:

“Since we’re forgetting lockdown, my sister and I decided to make a music video for the new single in my parents back garden.

We went with take number one (it was the only take we did) and as you can see by the end of the video I’m ready to pass out as my heart is pounding. I really should dance more.

I like that we only had the garden, I feel it adds to the daydreaming we are all going through right now in our collective confinement.”

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