PLAYLIST: Sonny Winnebago – Lockdown Playlist

PLAYLIST: Sonny Winnebago – Lockdown Playlist

Sonny Winnebago is Welsh-Australian jongleur Harvey Jones. Growing up on a healthy dose of 70s folk music & early 2000s pop, Winnebago pairs relatable storytelling with accessible yet unpredictable melodies. He’s compiled a lockdown playlist for us, listen below.

1.TJ Roberts – Intro (Play It Cool)

Such a fun tune πŸ˜€ Can’t go wrong with hand claps and fuzzy guitars, also bit of a T-Rex vibe which is always a winner! I’ll definitely come to a show, eventually!

2.Denuo – Lucid

I only discovered this guy recently. He’s made a Japanese Indie playlist on Spotify, it’s all really beautiful – rather jazzy and understated, like this song! His other songs are lovely too. We’ve got some quality musicians in Wales!

3. waylor – Hungover

The guitarist from Dry the River wrote and released this in 2016. It’s a little lo-fi and kind of makes you feel like you’re underwater. I always come back to this song. It’s there for me. It raised me.

4.The Doors – Peace Frog

The Doors are one of my favourite bands fo sho. This song was on a Tony Hawk game, so it’s all about that sweet nostalgia. Everything about this song is good, it’s a jam.

5.Cate le Bon – Here It Comes Again

Awww matey, this song is just beautiful. It’s transcendent. I feel like I’m in a magical forest when I listen to this song. She uses all the good notes. Also, you’ll be saying “Said it in a frame, here it comes again.” for weeks.

6.Confidence Man – All the Way

I don’t know how anyone couldn’t like this song. It’s the bees. Their music is influenced by 90s/2000s cheesy pop, but they go about it in a very self-aware fashion. Everything’s really tasteful and the production is amazing. The drop gives me a fight-or-flight response and I could listen to it forever.

7.Serengeti – Dennehy

This is my favourite song in the world. This guy’s from Chicago, he plays a character who tells us about everything he likes. Brian Dennehy, The Bears, His girl Jules, Juicy Fruit, etc. It’s hard to explain, but you will like it.

8.Andy Shauf – Early to the Party

This whole album is a masterpiece, it’s all about a house party. His stories are really commonplace scenarios, told in a way that makes you feel all the feelings. Quite Like You is also amazing. His new album too, it’s about a bar…

9. Rhodri Brooks – Tynnu Gwaed (Draw Blood)

One of the best snares on this list, and the whole Americana thing does it for me. The whole production takes you to a place of familiarity and nostalgia (especially if you’re a cowboy), also dreamy yet it has an intensity about it. Great stuff.

10. Omaloma – Jelly Bear

Found this one recently too, off the ‘New Welsh Indie’ playlist on Spotify. This is a really special track, aesthetically it all ties together. His voice is lovely, with just the right amount of 90s pop inflections, giving a bit of an RnB vibe. It’s part of an album that I will be listening to an awful lot. Thanks for joining me πŸ™‚

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