Uncle Greedy - The Journey To Mile 39 (Uncle Greedy Music)

Uncle Greedy – The Journey To Mile 39 (Uncle Greedy Music)

Looking every bit the country singer, vocalist-guitarist of this 3 piece, Simon J Fielder is pictured propping up the wall on the reverse of this product. In glorious black and white, this frontman strikes a superb pose in what appears to be a fine pair of Cowboy boots, although the double-denim look could be improved? But onto the product and leading this pack is track ‘2 AM New York Diner‘, this wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. A rich tone greets the listener, gloriously smooth guitar, with Simon’s vocals, which are velvety in their presentation. The content, biographical I presume, about an artist trying to get a deal and what he’s left behind, “…and the city is the place I know I wanna go, this place has taught me forever to grow, I miss you so and it’s 2 AM in this dinner I call home.“. Not always the easiest to transcribe, but in context, everything is in the right place and makes a superb number to head this E.P.

With a similar rhythmic pattern, ‘Caged Bird‘, chimes in and if there were a criticism, I would say that the timing is too similar to ‘2 AM New York Diner‘. The lyric differs although on a familiar theme, with the “Bird” this time striving to be its best. ‘My Reflection‘ is offered next and a similar theme is appearing, as timing and rhythm differ little from the last track, although to be fair this number has notched back the pace slightly, the setting being a love song that asks the question, “…could I make it anymore true, let me know what it is I can do, to bring me back to you…?“, obviously a forlorn central character sings for his supper, with a wistful gaze.

I am pleased to say that ‘This Ghost Remains‘, although, on a similar theme, the soundtrack has changed and is certainly a new song. Ramped down considerably from the high point of the opening number on the EP. In a blaze of glory, we find the final track ‘Midnight Train‘, not only taking a massive key change but also adding atmospherics to the mix. I like the statement the band are making here, Rock with a modicum of Folk added to the recipe. This number does sing to me; I think the bold attitude is the way this phoenix can escape the flames. Altogether some lower points, but on the whole, it’s the highs that will be remembered and were certainly the case as I went to bed, humming the melody of “2 am…” and it was only 11 pm, who’d have thought it? It must be doing something right.




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