Irish band ELM are a marvel of electro-pop hits and queer-positive imagery that holds a mirror up to society and challenges us to be better.  Since their debut in 2019 they’ve gone from height to height with a solid collection of songs, most recent of which ‘Golden‘ – a stunning electro-pop number that perfectly showcases their talents as a collective.  I jumped at the chance to have a chat with them and asked them a few questions about their art.

Hi, how are you today?

Good!  Another day in paradise, aye x

Tell me about your song, “Golden” and the concept behind the music video.

‘Golden’’s message is all about body positivity, loving you for you and owning your own skin.  We portrayed this in the music video by including all our own unique characteristics that make us who we are.  We wanted to celebrate the masculine, feminine and non-binary features by embodying famous artworks from across the centuries that aligned with each band member.

What was your experience like in putting the music video together?

Oh, it was such a beautiful experience as a whole.  We worked with Dublin’s most creative minds (H&G Creations and Collective) to put this together.  It was so inspiring and uplifting to have your true self celebrated in the way everyone involved wanted you to be seen.

There’s an inherent queer-positive image presented through your work, can you discuss the importance behind that and tell us a bit more about what that means to you?

We believe the queer community really encourages individualism and the concept of being your own unique self.  This is why Elm have so naturally gravitated into this community and strive to help its message reach as many ears as possible!

What are your plans for the future beyond this release?

Well, like so many artists with everything being on hold, we’re just getting ready to come back with a bang!  Taking the summer to be creative and delve deeper into the Elm universe and polish a few more bangers for you lovelies xx

What was the first song you ever wrote together?

Get ready to CRINGE!  It was called ‘Wandering Soul’ and it was an utterly quaint acoustic folk song we wrote at 16 years old.  Mumford & Sons eat your heart out VIBE.

What was it like?

“My heart will grow cold
It will rattle down my bones
But I will live to fill this wandering soul.”
P.S. It’s okay if you cried x

What’s your local music scene like?

Dublin’s music scene is a mad mix of anything and everything.  There is a great sense of artists supporting one another no matter what style or genre and pretty sure we have shared a pint with more artists on the Irish scene that we can recall!

How would you describe your music in five words?


Which artists do you admire?

Dylan is obsessed with rising UK act Georgia, as he says “she transports me to a dancefloor.” And that transportation is what music is all about right?  Dylan and Aidan were lucky enough to catch Georgia playing a headline London show right before lockdown and they treasure those dancefloor memories like a wee baby.

What would be your dream collaboration?

Get us into a room with Marina and life will be complete!!!!

What’s the best band/artist you have played with so far?

I think our latest tour with Brooke Candy was pretty special.  She was so lovely and her fans were CRAZY!  Because of the kooky European queers, we got the chance to play in some wild venues we would have never seen if not for them.  The highlight show may have been in Berghein, the infamous east block Berlin nightclub that is notoriously hard to get into, yet there we were, on the mainstage!

Who/What are you listening to right now?

Taking a whirl at the new Charli XCX album.

  1. Why is so much modern music so difficult to listen to? I’m listening and it’s clearly 100% down to the production of the music, but it’s also 100% down to the “song-writing” (was there any?!?!?!) and 150% down to the horrific vocal performance that is like nails down a chalkboard.? Yet this totals 250% not 100% so my calculations must feature a mistake? What was it?

  2. It’s the vocals for me most of the time. Remove the vocals from this and you have a perfectly acceptable bit of synthpop, but that voice renders it totally unlistenable.

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