Tracks of the Week #124

Tracks of the Week #124

Who? Bree Runway

What? Little Nokia

Where? London

Why we love it? With an energy that is off the charts and brings a unique vibe to pop-stardom that you cannot get from anywhere else, this is an artist most pleasing to pop fans such as myself. Tongue in cheek lyrics, catchy melodies, and stunning vocals with personality and a vision behind them, Bree Runway has an unfathomable talent and should be heralded as a national treasure.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Missy Elliott, Lady Gaga, Normani

Who? Qveen Herby

What? Who Is She

Where? LA

Why we love it? Clever lyrics delivered with a water-tight flow that sets the Qveen apart from the crowd. The production is simple but great, allowing the vocal to shine, and what a vocal it is, full of detailed harmonies and memorable hooks.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Ashnikko, Megan Thee Stallion

Who? Starling

What? No Leader

Where? London

What they say? I had taken ayahuasca in the forest and it taught me that in all the time I had been looking to others for answers I should have been looking to
myself. In a constant quest to find myself, to understand meaning, life and my purpose I tried every therapy, meditation, and immersion possible and in this started to realise, I was the one I was looking for. Every type of spiritual excursion was had from vipassana to trauma therapy to kundalini and it guided me to me. This is the truth. When no one is here to guide us, or what we are told doesn’t resonate, we must guide ourselves… and be our own leader.

Why we love it? Upbeat, optimistic and powerful, this anthem of claiming your own power is a stunning foray into the unknown as Starling finds their own identity and meaning. The vocals are beautiful, with soft falsetto melodies that will be stuck in your head for days and the production is detailed, varied and enough to give you goosebumps.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Broods, MARINA, Lorde

Who? Franz Szony

What? What You Seek

Why we love it? Spooky, ethereal music with a unique lead vocal that is quite unlike anything you’ve heard. With an otherwordly vibe that is both retro and modern all at once, Szony has crafted an entirely unique palace of sounds that are inviting and grotesque all at once. Perfection.  (Lloyd Best)

FFO: Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li, Florence + the Machine

Who? Hello Cosmos

What? ‘Fuse’

Where? Manchester

What they say? Beginning with pulsating bass. This is a potent conglomerate of ‘Mark E. Smith through a megaphone’ vocal assertiveness with the instrumental style of PIL, Tackhead and ‘Screamadelica’. With ‘Fuse’, Manchester-based creative collective Hello Cosmos have ignited the countdown to their scintillating debut album: ‘Dream Harder’ (out 27 November via Cosmic Glue).

Why we love it? Interchangeable and organic with a life of its own. The lyrics focus on the perennial but nagging theme of inescapable ‘Information Overload’, and eventually stepping out of the Covid shadows to a bigger brighter world, or failing that, a slightly better one. (Humphrey Fordham)

FFO: The Fall, PIL, the Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream (from 1990 onwards), Sleaford Mods

Who? Phoenix Rise

Where? Cardiff/London

What they say? “Love love love and solidarity in these weird times.”

Why we love it? Menacing, sardonic and clever, this rifle through ominous low slung post-punk territories, intersects the lines between spoken word and punky stream of consciousness: as they take down those with “harmful opinions” and attempt to come to terms with the dizzying misinformation of 2020. Formidable. (Bill Cummings)

FFO: The Sits, Joy Division, Savages, Kate Tempest

Who? Caspian Pool

What? ‘Special Way Reloaded’

Where? France

What they say? “Special Way to me is a deep dive into our many personalities. Am I capable of reinventing myself with darker or brighter traits? How far can I change for somebody? I like the idea that versatility is not just a shallow trait, but a way to experiment my own limits, put certain characters in the light or keep them in the shadow.”

Why we love it? Low Bird (vocals) and Jimmy Q (guitars, synthesizers, production) are Caspian Pool. Rippling with French touch and techno, and synth sounds, this meticulous slice of electro-pop is playful and bittersweet. With shades of 90s pop, they turn up the pressure through interlocking melodies, wobbly synths and breakbeat undertones. ‘Special Way Reloaded’ progresses to an epiphany about self-transformation and the blurring of identity, Caspian Pool explores the voluntary loss, shatter and distortion of personal character. (Bill Cummings)

FFO: Hercules & Love Affair, Goldfrapp, Sneaker Pimps, Chvrches, Digitalism


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