PODCAST: Show Me Magic! – Tips for 2021 – Part Two

PODCAST: Show Me Magic! – Tips for 2021 – Part Two

Bill Cummings and Jim Auton are back with the second part of their #tipsfor2021 podcast hosted by www.godisinthetvzine.co.uk. They talk new music, indie, electro-pop, Welsh music, art rock, shoegaze, r&b, Trump leaving office the Broken Record campaign and streaming inquiry and more. Listen here:


Phoenix Rise – Opinions
Bleach Lab – Old Ways
Sister Wives – Wandering along
Black Country New Road – Science
Ailsa Tully – Parasite
Chloe Rodgers – A Delphian Lullaby
Kamal. – Blue
Coach Party – Can’t Talk Won’t
Personal Trainer – Politics
Martha Skye Murphy – Self Tape
NewDad – I Don”t Recognise you

Produced by Andy VonPip

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