Today we introduce the excellent Glasgow based singer-songwriter Lizzie Reid.

She has so far released three beautiful singles, ‘Seamless’, ‘Always Lovely’ and ‘Been Thinking About You’ and now her debut EP Cubicle will be released this week.

We caught up with her last month to chat about writing, recording, and lockdown.

Who got you into music? Who were you first favourite bands or artists?

“I’ve loved music since I was little, my mum and dad used to listen to lots around the house. It wasn’t until I was around 17 years old though that I decided I could do music as a career. I took part in a Glasgow Schools Project called Behind the Noise and that was a real turning point for me.

My first favourite bands and artists were Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Then I discovered artists such as Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell when I was 16. I think you can hear their influence in my music”.

2020 was pretty terrible and memorable in general but how did you deal with lockdown? Did it give you time to write and record?

“I don’t think I dealt with last year particularly well, if I’m being honest. It has certainly taken its toll on me as it has had with most people in the music industry. I’m just lucky that my friends and family are healthy, and my heart goes out to those who haven’t been so lucky.

I have had time to write and record in the house – maybe a little too much time”.

Has the ongoing strange times been a subject for any writing?

“This year and the pandemic certainly has left me with a lot to think about and process. I have managed to write a little bit about that but I think I maybe need some space from it all before writing much about it!”

Seamless‘ is such a beautiful song, we featured it on our podcast, Show Me Magic! It is very melancholic and sad in an American Country and Western kind of way, was this what you were aiming for?

“Thank you! Well I didn’t think about it in the moment of writing it. I didn’t plan for it to sound Country and Western but it’s nice that it turned out that way!”.

Who were and are your influences to be a musician? Musically and in life.

“Artists like Sharon Van Etten, Julia Jacklin and Phoebe Bridgers inspire me to make music. Along with artists like Jack White, St. Vincent and Courtney Barnett. All of my musical and artistic friends and colleagues continue to inspire me to keep making music”.

Do they seep into your sound?

“I’d say so, yes!”

What were you listening to last year?

“I was listening to a lot of Phoebe Bridgers, Laura Marling, Nilufer Yanya and Big Thief”.

How much have you missed playing live?

“I have missed playing live so so much. I miss feeling nervous before going on stage and getting those butterflies! I miss getting to meet new people and travelling to new places. But that’ll all come back eventually and it’s something to look forward to”.

You say that ‘Always Lovely‘ is about obsession with perfection and worth, however there are little imperfections like your cat making a cameo on ‘Seamless’ and then an audible sigh at the beginning of the song. Were these planned and therefore a part of the “perfection” or does that not matter when it comes to production and it is the actual songwriting that needs to be perfect?

“These little imperfections and noises were not planned or intentional, but we did really want to keep a lot of it in to add to the atmosphere and to create a space for the listener. We kind of wanted it to feel like you’re in the room with me. But no I didn’t really think about making a “perfect” product. The process felt very natural and that’s what makes it feel perfect to me, I suppose”.

You have a really stunning natural voice? Did you need to work on it or have any vocal training or as part of a choir, or is it just God given?

“Thank you, that’s so kind! I had a couple of singing lessons in 2018 because I began to feel sore when singing for more than half an hour. But other than that, I haven’t been trained”.

Are you planning an album for this year?

“I am planning to record another EP this year, which I’m very excited about. In the meantime, I’m going to continue writing as much as I can”.

Lizzie’s debut EP Cubicle is out digitally on 10 February on 7476 Records.

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