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NEWS: Tara Noble debuts refreshing lockdown pop anthem ‘Feel Better’

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London-based artist Tara Noble releases her debut single ‘Feel Better‘ this Friday, and today we are debuting this refreshing, pulsing and soulful pop cut. It holds onto the hope of feeling better amidst lockdown depression.

Written as a response to the last year and what effect it had on her mental health. ‘Feel Better’ is an explanation to herself about the desperation and the ins and out of the emotions during the national lockdown. Noble invests a radiance into each note, this song is the promise she had made to herself and those around her to ‘feel better in the fall’.”  Have you ever danced around your room with the sudden feeling of hope yet it feels like desperation, as Tara explains it “this track is the nostalgia of the way I used to feel, and the fight within myself with the way that I feel now.”

Noble fuses her alternative background with catchy pop harmonies, the soft pastel visuals create the aesthetic of an approachable everyday girl, trying to get over the feelings of melancholy, everyday problems.

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