Tracks of the Week - Roller Derby Special

Tracks of the Week – Roller Derby Special

Welcome to the first instalment of our special guest edition Tracks of the Week. We’ll be inviting artists we’ve recently discovered here at God is in the TV to share some of the new music they’ve been listening to and are inspired by.

First up, we’re very excited to have Hamburg-based indie-poppers Roller Derby. Although the group have only released three singles so far – each accompanied with a stunning, narrative-driven video – they’ve made quite the impact, racking up some serious play-counts and attracting plaudits galore.

We can’t wait to hear more from them, but in the meantime, we caught up with the band to discover the music they’ve had on repeat in recent months.

Dry Cleaning – Strong Feelings

Why the love it: I stumbled over Dry Cleaning just a few weeks ago and I was hooked from the first second. I really appreciate distinctive female voices. Vocalist Florence Shaw sings – rather speaks – in such a seductive manner. Together with their monotone musical arrangements and post-punk rhythms, Dry Cleaning is the perfect match for my musical taste. Their latest release ‘Strong Feelings’ is a very trance-like but groovy song, almost relaxing. The lyrics of the song don’t really make sense, which I sometimes quite like in a song. I’m really looking forward to their upcoming album and a live show in Germany (hopefully) soon. (Philine)

Hand Habits – 4th of July

Why the love it: I’ve been listening to Hand Habits for a few years and I love their recently released song ‘4th of July’ – it’s the perfect indie-folk tune. I’m always blown away by the unagitated but angel-like vocals and the ability to create such great melodies. To me, Meg Duffy is one of the most talented musicians. I also like the music video for the song where you just see them digging a hole at the beginning – a metaphor for getting to the bottom of your own feelings and memories. (Philine)


BRONCHO – Friends

Why the love it: I’m a long-time BRONCHO fan and I’m always excited when they release new music. Their latest song ‘Friends’ was written in collaboration with a 10-year-old boy. Combined with Ryan Lindsey‘s unique vocal style and BRONCHO‘s signature guitars and drums, the result is a very catchy song that puts you in a good mood in these somewhat bleak times. The inspiration for the song came to the boy while missing the activities with his friends, due to the coronavirus pandemic: “I like my friends because they play games with me… I like my friends because they are good to see…. “. Hopefully we can spend more time with our friends soon. (Manu)

denson camp – Hello, Time!

Why the love it: A flourishing, warm and uplifting song from Alabamian home/bedroom musician denson camp, who just released his amazing self-produced debut album. Even though he is constantly mentioning the word “time” and begging that the moment would stay with him forever, you seem to forget about the transience of time when listening to the song. The track is well written with a few neat harmonic tricks, alongwith super creative arrangement and production that keeps the song and its structure fresh. It reminds me of Hippo Campus and Dayglow, to throw comparisons and possible influences in the mix. I strongly recommend listening to the whole LP! (Max)


Le Jardin – La Femme

Why the love it: I always keep coming back to the band La Femme. Their way of making music is so creative to me, and they absolutely love to smash stylistic boundaries. ‘Le Jardin’ is a wholesome Indie ballad, with brilliant melodies and production, as you would expect from a band of this quality. Non-English music is something I’ve gotten into a lot over recent months. It’s such an interesting way to listen to music that I really enjoy. I can only recommend the song and foreign music in general! (Max)

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