Video Of The Week #206: Treetop Flyers – Castlewood Road

Video Of The Week #206: Treetop Flyers – Castlewood Road

If there’s been a more soulful record in 2021 than Treetop Flyers‘ new single, then I have yet to hear it. Dripping with elements of classic Staxx artists, those summer vibes are impossible to resist.

There have been many a British song about places where people lived or grew up and this is our kinda take on that,” frontman Reid Morrison says of Castlewood Road, named for the Stoke Newington street where lead guitarist Laurie Sherman lives. “We spent a lot of time there over the years writing and chatting, drinking coffee, listening to records etc and Laurie actually mixed the new album in that house too. So I guess it’s a love song and thank you to those walls really.”

Harnessing laid back grooves that lie somewhere between Otis Redding and Israel Nash, Treetop Flyers have made a more than welcome return here, with what is surely one of the best records in their career so far. Have a listen below.

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