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Credit: Sam Joyce

Eades – Delusion Spree (Heist or Hit)

Anyone who heard Eades single ‘Reno‘ must surely be waiting in anticipation for their debut album Delusion Spree.  The good news is that its out on streaming sites on 4 March via Heist or Hit, with a physical release set for 6th May.  The Leeds quintet have self-produced the album, and recorded it live citing as per inspiration from the likes of Parquet Courts, Pixies and The Strokes’.

“We went in to record a classic.” states lead singer and frontman Harry Jordan.  And what’s wrong with aiming high?   “Lyrically, we wanted to talk about issues we’ve been going through without sounding like preachy dickheads” adds guitarist and vocalist Tom O’Reilly.

Delusion Spree opens with the aforementioned ‘Reno‘.  What a track this is.  The combined vocals set the scene for what to expect from Eades.  They operate as a tight unit and ‘Reno‘ is a perfect reflection of that.  The band includes Lily Fontaine in their ranks, who fronts English Teacher, and her vocal in ‘Reno‘ adds a touch of crisp lightness.

Eades have a stop start angularity to their music at times and ‘Ever Changing‘ is a perfect example of this.   In order for this to work however the whole band needs to be on point and 100% in-sync, and they are.  It would sound like a mess otherwise.  The fact that the album was recorded in a remote farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales gives a senses of the dedication of this band.  They wanted no distractions and had just 15 days to convert it into a studio and record 16 tracks.  ‘Ever Changing‘ is short, sharp and punchy.  Those guitars and drums towards the end are a blast.

A Welcome Goodbye’ just starts.  No introduction, no quiet build-up, just BAM straight into a track full of static and energy.  One of my favourites from the album it perhaps refers to relief that can be felt at saying goodbye.  The explosion of freedom runs through this track and live it will become a firm favourite.  The frenetic energy is spikey and those full on vocals and funky guitar are a joy.  Turn the volume up.

The title track ‘Delusion Spree‘ was a single and is followed by ‘Saying Forever‘.  This opens with a funk fuelled guitar riff and accompanied by percussion throughout, seriously keeping the pace up all the way through.  The chorus will be shouted from the rooftops:

“I’m not saying forever,  when you can’t even try
I’m not saying forever, when you won’t even try”


Drummer Dan Clifford-Smith says of ‘Voodoo Doll‘:
“We recorded ‘Voodoo Doll’ sat cross legged on the floor on 2am. After what had been a long day and a heavy night, we decided to let loose and jam. I was convinced laser beams were coming out my amp… turned out it was Lily playing the synth through an amp next to mine”.

On ‘I’m Holding Back Your Hair’ there is another surprising shift as synth-player and percussionist Lily Fontaine takes the lead vocals.  Of course this is still a track full of wild guitar, reverb and spark.  Lily has said the following about recording remotely and how it builds camaraderie within the band:

“Being stuck in a secluded place made recording the album a special experience. All sorts of in-jokes and memories flood in when I listen back. I hope that that joy comes across”.

Parachute Games‘ at over 4minutes is the longest track on Delusion Spree but is by no means a filler.  I found it an emotional track.  It opens quietly but the passion and zest soon builds and again there’s the electric guitar alongwith crashing cymbals.  The lyrics are to the point and refer to the difficulties of relationships, and it hits the very gut.  There are certain songs that tug at your very core and ‘Parachute Games’ is one of them.
“wasn’t it easier when we were friends?”
“are you ready to fall?”

This 12 track album is an injection of frenzied energy, and will get those endorphins pumping.  Seriously I could write so much more about this album.  In a scene currently dominated by post-punk Eades are a little different.  They bring energy, exuberance and passion to their music which is full of fun, funk and surprises.  Unpredictable and with shifting tempos and the tightest of deliveries its obvious Eades have honed their craft.  Difficult to pigeonhole is perhaps the biggest complement but absolutely dancefloor friendly, absolutely raucous and absolutely one of my albums of the year to date.

Delusion Spree is out on streaming sites on 4 March via Heist or Hit and has a physical release on 6 May.  For more information on Eades please checkout their facebook and bandcamp.

For details on their UK tour please see below.

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