Preaching From the Pews: The Kid

thekidSweden’s The Kid really make music the way I want to hear it.  “Transient Dance”, from their Transient Blood album (you can listen to the whole thing here), is one of my favourite songs of all-time.

I remember NOT BEING ABLE TO WAIT until the album was released, an actual physical craving, constantly checking their MySpace to listen to it, again and again and again.  It’s got that early/mid-period New Order quality that I love and once again shows that the Swedes really know what’s up when it comes to music.  This song makes you want to spin around, fall preposterously in love, disappear into hidden worlds, lick the stars like candy.  “Will I dare to jump, maybe if you hold my hand“.

The Kid – Transient Blood by HYBRIS

I first discovered them in 2006, perusing the Hybris (who have released a lot of great stuff – Sibiria, Like Honey, Montt Mardié, El Perro Del Mar) site.  There were a ton of free mp3s up.  And I quickly fell in love with “The Noble Art Of Jealousy”, from the cool guitar noise of its intro, through its bubbly synths and all the way past the end of this glorious pop song:


Their first album, “La Société Nouvelle”, is excellent.  Like New Order and Throwing Muses thrown into a dangerous amusement park ride.  Their Myspace tells us “The Kid was formed in the basement of Valand Art School in Gothenburg, Sweden 2003 with the hopes to do something outside of the traditional idea of art and as an excuse to just play around. Armed with the mission to “f*ck shit up” and create music reminiscence of lust and heartbreak The Kid was born.”  That seems about right.



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