Andrew W.K. The Forum 12/04/12 3

Andrew W.K. The Forum 12/04/12

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‘We want Fun and we wanna get wasted’

It’s a simple philosophy but one that Andrew W.K. has honed to diamond like precision. Playing the entirety of his first (and still best) album ‘I get wet’ he rips through ‘It’s time to Party’, ‘Party Hard’ ‘Party till you puke’…you get the idea. But this is no cynical dumb frat boy moshfest, the pure love Andrew has for music, and his fans shines through every moment tonight. Well possibly apart from a dodgy solo played on a guitar shaped like a giant slice of Pizza.  But we can forgive him one indulgence, especially after crafting a masterpiece which is essentially the best songs Abba never wrote as played by Slayer.

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Andrew’s band consists of 3 (totally necessary) guitarists, drums, bass, Andrew bashing out the odd bit of lightening  fast Piano, and Andrew’s missus Cherie on backing vocals and added head banging intensity. But the real stars tonight are the audience; time after time Andrew pulls them onto the stage, shares the mic, and gives out genuine heartfelt hugs. At times the band are all but obscured by the heaving throngs onstage, like some sweaty heavy metal chorus line, made from pure Joy.

Thank you Andrew. Long live the Party

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