Clutch - The Forum, 11th July 2013 1

Clutch – The Forum, 11th July 2013


“What’s this about some Db limit? I can’t have none”!

Kicking off with ‘Earth Rocker’ the title track off their latest album, Clutch waste no time in setting their somewhat twisted philosophy on the Forum’s packed and sweaty crowd. Singer Neil Fallon commands the stage like some joyfully demented backwoods preacher, and it’s this Gonzo fury that fuels many of Clutch’s more thrilling tracks. Riffs come by the sackload as they veer between the heaviness of Sabbath and the laid back swagger of ZZ Top. Other new highlights include ‘D.C. Sound Attack’ complete with Allman Brothers style jam ending, cowbell included, ‘Crucial Velocity’ is pure Nitro turbo charged fun, they do ease back on the throttle here and there though. ‘Gone Cold’ is suitably atmospheric for example.



Jean Paul Gaster and Dan Maines provide the rock solid rhythmic foundation for all the redneck pyrotechnics, Tim Sult on guitar is something of an anti guitar hero, no waving his guitar neck to the heavens here, just head down and getting on with business.



For an encore we get the aptly named ‘The Mob Goes Wild’ and ‘Electric Worry/One Eyed Dollar’ though no ‘Shogun Named Marcus’. Personally I was gutted over that one as that was the song that got me into Clutch in the first place. Still, with 20 years of touring behind them you’re never going to get every song you want to hear. What you do get though is a finely tempered band, who’s time on the road shows through in the tightness of the grooves. Highly recommended.



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