Track Of The Day #311: Cloud – Mother Sea

Track Of The Day #311: Cloud – Mother Sea

On a sunny blue sky day like today you want a brave hearted, widescreen tune like ‘Mother Sea’ from Los Angeles via Boston via New York collective Cloud to awake you form your slumber. Its elemental tumbling almost Daniel Johnston-esque vocals are wracked with both doubt and wonder, spinning headlong down the green bits at the side of the pavement.These Heart-bursting streams of words are like breaking out of the house and escaping the disappointment for the first time in weeks: letting the light shine onto your sallow skin and yelling ‘I think I’m ready to love myself’! Swelling instrumentals woven sea of pianos, tremulous guitars, trumpet, trombone, and the patter of drums swaying life affirmingly in the trees, Cloud hazily bring to mind everyone from Pavement, The Velvet Underground and early Broken Social Scene yet sound deliciously ripe with regret of the past and dreams of the future! What’s more ‘Mother Sea’ is totally free below! Have a good day!

“Mother Sea” is the leading single from Cloud’s ‘Comfort Songs’ LP due out soon from Audio Antihero Records: Specialists in Commercial Suicide.

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