Track Of The Day #324: Drenge - Face Like a Skull

Track Of The Day #324: Drenge – Face Like a Skull


Sheffield brothers Loveless are Drenge a nihilistic garage band with a brutal sound that’s pummeling rhythms and face sawing fuzz guitars crawl from the gutter, and rumble upon living in a no where places in the depths of Northern England with no prospects. Funnily enough they are also happen to be Labour MP Tom Watson’s favourite band!

While their early work showed a rough around the edges caustic punkiness witness ‘Backwater‘ their new single ‘Fake Like a Skull’ refines their work slightly, with more than a whiff of early QOTSA‘s about this stuttering spitfire drum beat and slicing post punk guitars. Whilst the Melvins-esque  sneer clambers over the top and is ready for battle, it shows that Drenge have a healthy sense of progression in their formidable artillery.

Drenge are just the kind of band we most desperately need in a music scene strewen with the wreckage of over hype and apathy and a society mired in  austerity and recession and vanquished hopes of young people. Drenge are firing off rollickingly powerful tunes that wear their hearts on their chests!

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