Track Of The Day #417: Jagga - That Day in December

Track Of The Day #417: Jagga – That Day in December


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More aural festive baubles for your Christmas listening tree this time from Jagga of whom alas we have absolutely no information other than to say there’s a little back story to this shy eyed gem. Per the press release ‘That Day in December’ was recorded in 2010 at a time of heightening concern as to the coming 2012 wherein some believed the end of the world was nigh and that the dawning of a new age of enlightenment was fast approaching. Alas none of the above happened, the rich just got richer, the poor a lot poorer with one third of the world in war torn chaos, another third starving to death while the rest shrug their shoulders comatose on a cheap diet of bad reality TV, cheap booze and blissful ignorance while politicians far and wide turn another degree towards the right.

The apocalypse started long ago the only difference being its not at the hands of celestial beings with wings or horns but at the hand of man himself. Well enough of this cheeriness and back to Jagga – who after all that we still have no information on – as said songs about two lovers at the precipice of the end of days looking on at the beauty of destruction. Quite morbid when you come to think of it. Anyhow as the track itself a gorgeously hollowed slice of celestial shimmering, disquietingly beautiful and hurting paraded in hulking trip hop beats and framed in shoe gazed silvery ambient orbs all braided in a glorious resonating panoramic hymnal like down tempo dusting and not for the first time this missive much calling to mind the Aloof most notably their cut ’One Night Stand’. scarcely a dry eye in the house.


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