Mano's Daughter - The Machine

Mano’s Daughter – The Machine


Here at GIITTV we have asked artists to write a few words/thoughts about their own music and video’s for a change. And here is one of my personal favourites – Mano’s Daughter

MANO’S DAUGHTER – THE MACHINE by Sarah Carter (vocals)
“Our video for ‘The Machine’ is supposed to be the journey from being young and untainted, to becoming part of The Machine of life/society, then breaking free of that role and going back to nature, once you realize what’s going on and then the inevitability of the cycle happening over and over again with each generation. Deep, huh!

We had great fun making the video. We came up with the concept of having an innocent looking girl starting off singing the beginning part and also wanted to finish the video with me in the same position to signify the cycle of things. We shot it over 2 days. The second shoot in the forest was hard – it was shot in January, in the freezing cold. At the end, when I am crawling on the floor in just a vest was the worst and everyone kindly kept reminding me that it was my idea to be crawling through mud on a winter’s day. At the end when I’m lying in the box, although you can’t see it in the video, my lips are blue with cold. We went home and had a celebratory curry to warm up!

The little girl Ria was great – such a pro on the day. She starts off asleep in a red box, representing the womb, looking innocent in her white dress, untainted by life and society. She mouths the words to the track ‘The Truth in The Madness’ (which is the introduction to ‘The Machine’). Then we cut to me looking robot-like with cogs etc behind. We wanted to create a stark robotic scene, dark and almost emotionless. I got my robot moves out that day ha ha.

Then the forest scene is supposed to represent gradually being free of the robotic-ness of life and getting back to nature. As I run through the forest I lose the jacket and become more free. That’s the story behind it really – hope you enjoy it!”

Mano’s Daughter release their EP ‘Smart’ on March 31st.

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