Track Of The Day #739 Golden Fable – The Crossing

Track Of The Day #739 Golden Fable – The Crossing

golden fableAdmitting defeat at the coming winter – perhaps aided by the changing of the clocks this past weekend – isn’t easy.  Let us make it a little easier to handle with this beautifully enchanting and still surprising track from Golden Fable.

‘The Crossing’ opens on a somewhat muted, delicate, ethereal and a little eerie intro.  From here, it’s hard to tell where it’ll end up.  It’s reminiscent of something taken from The Crow soundtrack, chiming tones and vocals and suggesting something darker, befitting of the well-loved 1994 film.  Before you know it, the guitars are whining and the drums are driving things towards something other-worldly and much larger than ever before.  ‘The Crossing’ closes right where it began with an albeit brief return to those ominous tones and sounds.

Embrace the cold that’s coming with this on repeat and curl up on the sofa with a cat and a hot chocolate.


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