Track Of The Day #803:  YUAR – Signal

Track Of The Day #803: YUAR – Signal

In a similar vein to Chvrches and Tove Lo, Russia’s YUAR and their new track ‘Signal’ is a glorious, sweeping haze of slightly reserved electro-pop.  It creeps up on you; before you know it you’re hooked and there’s really not much else you can do but allow those gentle waves to swallow you up.  It’s not like it’s an unpleasant thought or experience, though.

It evokes a summer evening walk by the sea, the sand still warm and the waves whispering on the shore.  It’s a welcome image after weeks and weeks of pretty much nothing but wind and rain from the numerous storms we’ve been battered with of late.  Relax, enjoy, and start planning your summer to this blissful track.


Photo credit:  Victor Zamanski

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