Various Artists - Sounds Rebound, Vol 1- Sampler EP (Music Hoarders United)

Various Artists – Sounds Rebound, Vol 1- Sampler EP (Music Hoarders United)

In advance of the sixteen track compilation album released in January, new Brisbane indie label Music Hoarders United, have released a free four track EP with the philosophy that too much music goes unheard let alone acknowledged, MHU give a voice to musicians irrespective of age or experience. Whilst the full album is described as a lucky bag of genres – rock, folk, indie, ambient, pop – and with artists from the UK, USA and Australia, the EP is unified by being guitar-based. Varied enough and strong enough for each track to be someone’s favourite, this is a fine example of the power of small and of DIY.

DL Taylor’s ‘The Winner Is’ has the raw, tinny sound of classic DIY and garage but captures the energy of live performance in part created by the sample. A sixties edge in its tambourine, swiftness and immersion of the vocal beneath a waft of guitars. Sid’s Balcony’s ‘Before You Forget’ alternates between a Marc Bolan style vocal and chord shift, and uptempo disco sections like two siblings arguing.

In contrast, Franc Lee’s ‘Maya Was A Liar’ is more substantial but with an unexpected falsetto. I must be oversensitive to rhyme schemes today because I do baulk at ‘Maya’/’liar’/ ‘desire’/ ‘barbed wire’ and I do keep hearing ‘Maya is a lawyer’ but that must be Michelle Obama overkill. (Worth noting that this is albums editor Loz Etheridge’s fave and he’s got reliable taste.)

My personal favourite is the last track, The Vegas Nerves’An Act of Faith’. Sounding initially like they’ve stolen Morrissey for the vocals and Michael Stipe for backing, this is the most confessional in style and I like a bit of the tortured soul in my music, ‘I ran through fire for you / I’m trying to channel something more meaningful.’ The ‘path’/’laugh’ couplet is just about forgiven.

Sound Rebounds, Vol 1 will be released in January 2019 through Music Hoarders United, although the EP is available now at the link below.

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